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  1. J

    Help brakes

    All fixed, There was another circut tied into the brake switch causeing the light to stay lite, removed circut all is good... Thanks
  2. J

    Help brakes

    2002 EB- my E bbreak light was lite, I new i needed new E-break pads, did not have time to do myself, Mech called me and siad the rear breaks were gone also, he replaced both E-brakes and new rotors and pads, Now the E break light is still lite only in reverse does it go out, in reverse if i...
  3. J

    School me on the Brake Pressure Switch

    Help Hey guys, I was wondering I have a 2002 EB, My break light (red one) came on the other day, (not the ABS) I new I needed parking breaks , so I took it in, I did not have time to do my self, however my mech, called and said that the rear breaks were also down to the nub, so I informed him...
  4. J

    Struts and springs

    2002 Explorer EB 4.0 ---157K want to replace, but want to replace as a package, want to nuy the springs already on.. were can I find them and how much,---- would like front and rear.. What type? should i go stock? I would like a nice smooth ride, any sugestions?
  5. J


    I know this should not be here, but I have had help with my expolorer here so mabey somebody will know, My sons BMW 1995 325IS has a sunroof, it would not open so he took it apart now it is really broke, does anyone know were I can get a new or used one, I can not find any information on the...
  6. J

    New Tensioner

    all fixed guys thanks for the help, it did go into the engine block, thanks again
  7. J

    oil leak help

    sounds like rear seal to me, but try some after market seal seal from the auto store first before you go ripping into that fix, the seal is about 3 bucks but the labor is nasty, I had a ford mustang that had a rear seal leak and put somne seal seal in the oil about 500 miles it stopped, that was...
  8. J

    Removing serp belt on a 02 explorer

    What do you mean it was in the way? the belt should just come right off, when placeing back on make sure you pull the tensioner in have the belt on all the pullys, then slip the belt UNDER the belt pully.. there should be nothing in the way,, the belt should come off without takeing apart...
  9. J

    OX sensors

    Stupid question, is the left side of vehical the drivers side?
  10. J

    Ox Sensors replacement any tricks? 2002 EB

    I think they are OE, I got them from Rock auto, But I am confused, my code read P156 bank 1 sensor 2 behind the cat, but when I went under there there are 4 two each side one in front of this bulb like thing on the exhaust, My cat is way down stream from there, or do I have two cats one on each...
  11. J

    Ox Sensors replacement any tricks? 2002 EB

    hey guys, Going to replace all four OX sensors this week end, any tips? 156K on the car, had a code come up past weekend, one sensor bad.. alough I know it might not be the sensor, but Ford says 100K replace them all... If anyone did this before please reply, any tricks? I looked and it looks...
  12. J

    Code P0157

    Also wife just called, service light went out, so I am thinking it is most likely the sensor? what do you think?
  13. J

    Code P0157

    Do you have a part number and WEB site info I can check them out, on the uni0ones, do I need to splice and crimp- or splice and use my same connector?
  14. J

    Code P0157

    I should just replace them all, it is only 4 and with 156K mabey it is time... what do you think? Can not hurt!!!
  15. J

    Code P0157

    Intresting, I will look tonight when she gets home, however Ford said the two front sensors are diffrent from the back sensors but both fronts are the same sensor as is the backs are both the same sensors--- so ther are only 2 types of sensors 2 each -- 4 wire connector regaurdless for all they...
  16. J

    Code P0157

    156K I was thinking about that, Ford says the two downstream are the same sensors, so if I switch them I should get a new code.. saying Bank 1 sensor 1,
  17. J

    Code P0157

    Well my wife just called, the service soon light come on again, the car is running fine, I assume it is the same code, I will check tonight, any thoughts?
  18. J

    Code P0157

    My 2002 Explorer EB had a hard time starting the other day, just once, had cranked over a couple of times, Then it started ran fine all day, then my service engine light came on, pulled code P0157, Were is this sensor? there are many on the car. and is this the problem? My book said left bank OX...
  19. J

    New Tensioner

    I put the new belt on the other day, thats when I noticed the rattleing noise comming from the tensioner, but in the front of the tensioner there is a pin that sticks out does that mount on to something?
  20. J

    New Tensioner

    Hey Guys, I have to replace my belt tensioner on my 2002 explorer EB4.0 this weekend, it looks pretty simple, is there any body who had to do this already? and is ther any triks to it?
  21. J

    Fuel issue. I need HELP!!!

    UPDATE: Ford said it was the Fuel pump, well quess what is WAS NOT, it was the Filter took it out when I was in process of changeing pump, just for fun I blew in the fuel filter could not get anything through, replaced, and car running like a charm no problems the last 7 days, so much for the...
  22. J


    2002 Explorer 156K, got it when I had 56K I never changed the tranny,rear or transfer case oils, oil I do every 3000...:) what types to use for each, Tranny I am haveing Ford do, so I need the other two, any help? Thanks
  23. J

    Fuel issue. I need HELP!!!

    UPDATE- Conformed today that it is the Fuel pump- Took it to Ford 50 bucks- But here is the problem, Ford says they put two types in that vehical- a 7 pin or 8 pin, I took a chance and got one from Rockauto based on the year build 2/22/01 they say it is the 8 pin, it is funny how Ford there own...
  24. J

    bag of something on top of engine/ pic now

    BAG on eng I have one also on my 2002 explorer it is a heat sheild of some sort, no worries, it is suposed to be there...
  25. J

    Wire diagram circut Fuel systme

    2002 ford explorer 4.0 EB I need the wire circut diagrame for the fuel system were can I find that? any help I have a Nice book on the car but that is the only wire diaram they do not have in it,Thanks