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    94 Explorer sport mini build

    Hey, have you done anything else to your sport? I have a 1994 Sport as well. I live in victoria, im on the island as well. Im about to install a 6" BDS Kit into it. picking it up next week! Show some pictures and lets keep this thread going!
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    Steady coolant leak from driver rear side of motor

    RTv Gasket Ya if your certain its coming from the manifold gasket at the back of the engine, it is RTV silicone that has sprung a leak. Felpro sell all gaskets and RTv silicone tube in there lower intake manifold gasket kit. 2 valve covers and a fuel railed gasket and upper intake manifold...
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    coil spring spacers

    Hey I did a little research on the spacers youve got, you can use them but youll need a coil retainer nut extension. here is a link to some more specific info
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    coil spacers

    How did it all turn out? Id like to see pictures of them installed and how it all went getting it back to the proper alignment. did you need new camber bushings? those look like they are near 3" and no drop brackets were needed so i assume it was difficult. Thanks
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    coil spring spacers

    Hey I just added coil spacers on my 94 explorer sport, your actually better off to just make the spacers yourself. If you go to FASTENAL or a commercial hardware store, they will carry exactly what you need. you just need to use a washer that fits over the coil retaining nut, holding in the coil...
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    vacuum problem

    Should be stuck near the hood latch near the top of the radiator
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    Steady coolant leak from driver rear side of motor

    Hey its likely that its the Lower intake manifold gasket, I just replaced mine, after mine was leaking at the front left of the engine, just under the thermostat next to the vallve cover. on the front and back of the lower intake manifold. it is RTV compoound not an actual gasket. I just...