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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    I want my explorer running again.. :(
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    Wheeling in March (Oregon)

    I'm gonna have to cancel this run since the newly installed A4LD has already taken a crap on me. I've gotta find a different vehicle for the time being. Sorry guys :(
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    ARB Safari Snorkle on First Gen

    The snorkel turned out awesome Kevin! Maybe it'll come in handy on the 12th of March :thumbsup:
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    Jrgaylor's 91 Explorer full width D44/9

    That just looks freakin' AWESOME Joe! I hope they work out well for you! :thumbsup:
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    A4LD - leaking and no more reverse

    I've read your rebuild thread a few times and I honestly can't imagine myself doing it... I've removed a manual tranny from an '84 Toyota before and it was quite simple since I didn't have to remove the y-flange and it only weighed 80 lbs if that. IF I do swap in the BroncoII tranny, is there...
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    A4LD - leaking and no more reverse

    over 230,000... :D
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    A4LD - leaking and no more reverse

    I've been having transmission problems for quite awhile now, but this afternoon I finally lost reverse for good, it wasn't even going into 1st or 2nd gear, and I dont have an overdrive if I CAN get it going to normal hwy driving speeds. I have a spare A4LD from a BroncoII that I traded for my...
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    Wheeling in March (Oregon)

    9:30 - 10 AM would be correct :thumbsup:
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    Wheeling in March (Oregon)

    The date is set to March 12th which is a Sunday. We'll be meeting in Brownsville, Oregon at the local Dari Mart. If you're coming from north (portland area) take I-5 south till you reach exit 228. Hwy 228 will take you straight into Brownsville. Once in Brownsville you'll drive right past Dari...
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    Wheeling in March (Oregon)

    Anyone else wanna go?
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    Elbe Hills 4 FEB 06

    Looks like you guys had some fun out in the cold wet weather we seem to be having lately :D
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    Wheeling in March (Oregon)

    Will do :thumbsup:
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    Wheeling in March (Oregon)

    I'm trying to get a group run together sometime in March (So far Brian from and I have picked March 12th, but we could choose another date) to go wheeling around Brownsville, Oregon. I'd like to make a run to the small town of Holley which is about 10 miles east of Brownsville. The...
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    You never had a rear locker when I was hanging out with ya :p
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    Mud Bog/Obstacle course 17 June 06

    I've marked it on my calendar :thumbsup:
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    TSF Run (1/29/06)

    I got a few more pictures from our trip: Group Photo There was a little bit of snow! Me flexing more pictures from the trip:
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    TSF Run (1/29/06)

    Got some pictures but we didn't take that many and mine are pretty bad quality wise. It was raining constantly. Unfortunately all of the really fun stuff was closed for winter. :sad: And we all stopped to pose on a gravel pile: Totalled JR 91sploder NightKrawler...
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    D30 SAS progress

    The cause of the death wobble was the Rusty's panhard bar and how I had it mounted to the frame. Instead of bolting it, I ended up welding it to the frame and used a stock Cherokee panhard bar. I also trimmed the Engine crossmember so the panhard bar would clear when I flexed the suspension. It...
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    D30 SAS progress

    Here's a few more up to date pics of the SAS:
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    1 Navajo and 1 X in Four Wheeler's 2005 Real Truck Club Challenge

    The Explorer had D44 radius arm front suspension and a rear 9" custom three link suspension. I just got my Four Wheeler mag. today with all the details :thumbsup:
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    TSF Run (1/29/06)

    That'd be awesome Joe! I doubt I'll be able to keep up with ya if you do, but I definitly wanna see what your rigs capable of doing out on the trail in person. Brian over at plans on meeting us at: Brian, Pat, and a few others from will be going so it should be lots...
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    TSF Run (1/29/06)

    Tillamook State Forest
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    TSF Run (1/29/06)

    Me and a few wheelers from are going to be doing a day run at TSF on the 29th of this month which is a Sunday. Anyone from here interested in going with us? Should be fun :D
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    NW trail run '06

    Sept. 1st - 4th I'm cleared to come up for the run! I've got a few bugs with my sas I have to get fixed, and I'd also like to get some rock sliders fabbed up and install a rear Aussie locker to help out with trying to keep up with you guys. Should be a fun time :D
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    SAS flex pics and Brownsville Oregon is flooded

    If I did ever decide to make a snorkel, I'd have to make some sort stock air box to go over the KKM intake. Making a box out of aluminum to cover it and sealing everything with some sort of caulking glue wouldn't be hard, but I dont like the idea of using PVC pipe or some sorta flex tubing as...