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    Thanks for all your help guys...I got roadside assitance to tow my X this morning and the starter did need to be replaced, so itll be done sometime today, pretty damn quick! I appreciate all your opinions, Im just curious as to why the hell the starter would go out ALREADY! Anyway, thanks again!
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    Thanks guys, How long would you expect a new starter replacement to take? Im calling Ford in the morning to try and get my truck in ASAP...either Ill get my car back quickly or hopefully ill get a rental for the weekend! Kinda frustrating that the starter would go out after having the truck for...
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    Guys, I know I havent been here in a while, but I figured before calling Ford tomorrow to get my car looked at, I might ask for a bit of advice. I Have a 2002 XLT 4.0 V6 and it wont turnover. All of the lights work, the consoles and the headlights, the radio goes on, etc. But when I turn the...
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    Best Headlight bulb for 2002s?

    Hell yah! I put the high and low beam silverstars in two weeks ago, they're amazing! I love em and recommend them for anyone...Ill have pics on my cardomain site soon... -Kyle
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    Just got my pics on cardomain

    Thanks Greddy! Those plasma blue lights are from Ebay. Just type in license plate lights and youll see tons, theyre all the same. Thanks for checkin out my X! -Kyle
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    Just got my pics on cardomain

    Well Im back after gettin settled into school at my house...I finally got some silverstars for my X and installed them today, they look sweet! Ill get pics on ASAP!
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    What grade octane do you out in your X?

    Ah nice visual thanks Robert...
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    What grade octane do you out in your X?

    Im pretty new to all this lingo, what is pinging?
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    2002 Altezza info...about time!

    Sorry :( Maybe try emailing the same person that I contacted above...maybe theyll have an answer...
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    Specs on new (2002-up) X systems?

    Anyone know the exact specs on the 2002 X's Premium sound system that comes w/6 cd in-dash changer? Just curious...
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    What grade octane do you out in your X?

    87, but I throw in some 89 once in a while to mix it up...
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    Just got my pics on cardomain

    Those are just the stock bulbs for my headlights! Ill probably upgrade to silverstars in a few weeks...thanks for checkin it out! -Kyle
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    2002 Altezza info...about time!

    Well I took the liberty of writing to a company about altezza euros for the new styled Explorers (since I have a 2002 I was interested). They wrote back saying the new ones will be out in November! Pretty cool, its about damn time! Notice the eloquent Dear Sir part (hehe) Here ya go: Dear...
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    See if these will fit!

    I wonder if those come in 17 or 18s? Hmm..
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    lowcost alternative to Dynamat... help!

    I think a bunch of people posted this same question sometime ago and a few guys suggested water shield and ice guard? They said it was just like dynamat, and even thicker. Plus it was hella cheap. Im sure that will work. -Kyle
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    Anyone get racing pedals?

    Anyone here ever get racing pedals for their X? What brand, how much and whered ya get em? Got pics? Thanks in advance! -Kyle
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    Just got my pics on cardomain

    Check it out, link below and in my profile:
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    Check out my ride

    At No system yet but still, let me know what you guys think! -Kyle
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    Wood Dash trim

    Whered ya get it? How much did it go for?
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    Go Rhino Taillight Guards

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    Are plasma blue license plate lights illegal?

    Just wondering, I got mine today and put them in tonight, they look VERY cool. But I wasnt sure if these were legal. You can totally see the license plate and clearly read it, yet its obviously not as bright as it would be with white bulbs. Anyone have an answer? -Kyle
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    Paint and black marks on my car

    Ok so I have two tiny spots on my car that Id like to fix. Theres a really tiny small spec of blue paint/rubber? on one of my doors and it bugs me to see it. Its not from a dent or scratch either, its just there! I dont know what I should try. Ive never waxed before in my life, lol. Also, on my...
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    Rust on my grille guards

    its Black...
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    Rust on my grille guards

    Hey guys, Just wondering what I could do to stop my front and back grille guards from rusting up. The manufacturer (Go Rhino) says I should polish or paint my bar in places I see rust. This is a brand new (like two weeks old) set of guards but I do see places where it could rust or tiny spots...