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    Brake parts for 2002 Sport

    I have a 2002 Explorer 2 door Sport. Does my truck use the same brake pads and rotors as the SportTrac? There seems to be much confusion between the Sport and SportTrac by many parts sellers. I know that the parts for the 4 door Explorers are different. Also, I have noticed some auction...
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    02 Sport Suddenly Won't Start

    Cano, Thanks for your suggestion. I spoke to my neighbor who owns a body shop and he said it was the battery, even though it started in the morning and wouldn't start a half hour later. Well, he was right. I bought a Interstate battery on sale for $80 and it started right up. Off topic - I am...
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    02 Sport Suddenly Won't Start

    My 2002 Explorer Sport 96K miles suddenly won't start. I went out with it this AM and made several stops with no problem. Came home and was going out about a half hour later and it will not start. No crank, no click, nothing. Lights, wipers, windows also will not work. Electric locks do work...
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    How do I replace liftgate door handle on 02 Sport

    The lift gate handle stopped working on my 2002 Sport and I removed the interior panel and found that the yellow plastic clip that connects the handle to the actuator rod broke. Of course, you can't replace the clip, the whole handle needs to go. The problem is that the handle is riveted to the...
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    How To: Replacing Front Hub / Bearing 1995+ Ford Explorer IFS

    I changed the front hub on my 2002 Sport with the help of this thread and it turned out great. Some observations: 1. A 32mm hub socket was way too loose for my axle hub nut. A 31mm fit perfectly. 2. I read a suggestion (either in this forum or elsewhere, can't remember) that you don't have...
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    Front Wheel Hub Replacement-2002 Sport

    Thanks Brandon. I just noticed that there is a sticky posted on this subject that covers it in depth.
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    Front Wheel Hub Replacement-2002 Sport

    I have a 2002 Explorer Sport with 90k miles. When I come to a gradual stop on dry pavement, the ABS engages giving the characteristic stutter. I took it to my local Ford dealer and they said the left front wheel bearing and ABS sensor needed to be replaced. They wanted $800 to install a new...
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    Power Mirrors arent working properly...

    The switch has plastic fingers on two sides that spread out to hold it in the door panel. You will see what I mean when you get the switch. I carefully inserted the nail file of my pocket knife under the rim of the switch and pushed the fingers in enough to pull out the switch without damaging...
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    For a FORD the Explorer seems very Durable! How many miles on Yours?

    Great 1997 Sport When I traded in my 1997 Explorer Sport it had 271,000 on it. The only thing other than normal wear items that I ever had to replace was the alternator. Never needed any work on the engine, transmission or rear end.
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    Power Mirrors arent working properly...

    It's the switch. I recently bought a 2002 Sport and discovered the same trouble as I drove it off the dealer's lot. I went back the next day and they refused to fix it unless I paid for the repair. I bought the switch for $15 and installed it myself without removing the door panel in about 5...