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  1. J

    98 AWD with rear axle noises

    AWD axle issues Thanks guys. I can probably live without the LS if the lube change doesn't work. I guess swapping axles is the cheapest repair otherwise.
  2. J

    98 AWD with rear axle noises

    Hi everyone, I seem to have the binding LS clutch pack issue with my 5.0 AWD. I haven't tried to change the lube and friction modifier yet but am wondering what happens when the clutches fail? Do I only loose the limited-slip action or do I grind to a halt? Thanks.
  3. J

    Wheels from other makes

    What other makes of vehicles have the same hole pattern and offset as the wheels used on Explorers? I have some older Jeep alloy wheels available but would like to know if they will work. jhawes '92 XLT