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  1. goalieThreeOne

    Explorer Audio upgrade(s)

    If anyone's interested, I am selling my Stealthbox and my AmpPro for the fifth gen.
  2. goalieThreeOne

    SOLD - JL Audio Stealthbox for Fifth Gen Explorers

    I've sold my Fifth Gen, onto bigger and better things. I've got a couple thing up for sale that I thought I'd give the forum members a crack at. Second up is my JL Audio Stealthbox for Fifth Gen Explorers. This thing packs quite the punch and is the perfect set up for those that don't want to...
  3. goalieThreeOne

    SOLD - Pac Amp Pro for Fifth Gen Explorer

    I've sold my Fifth Gen, onto bigger and better things. I've got a couple thing up for sale that I thought I'd give the forum members a crack at. First up is an amp integration package from Pac Audio. This package includes the following: 1. AmpPRO AP4-FD21: This includes a T-Harness that plugs...
  4. goalieThreeOne

    2023, or wait for 2024 ST?

    Subscription makes sense if they're giving you live search and information (similar to the old XM traffic and weather subscriptions). But I don't know why anyone would go for that unless they're just dead set against Carplay and Android Auto.
  5. goalieThreeOne

    2023, or wait for 2024 ST?

    Are we sure it's going to be the new Google-based software? Nothing I've read confirms it for sure. It seems it could still be Sync 4A
  6. goalieThreeOne

    Rear Wheel Drive vs. Intelligent 4WD

    Some people occasionally carry cargo and take their families on trips, but still want something sporty to drive every day. This is why they created the ST Trim. And the Range Rover Sport SVR. And the BMW X Series M cars. And the G-Series AMG. Sports SUV's are legitimate market segment.
  7. goalieThreeOne

    CarPlay Nav on speedometer cluster?

    Carplay can't be shown in the instrument cluster. Ford chose not to implement that in Sync 3. Sorry! Some Sync 4 vehicles can do this with CarPlay using Apple Maps only.
  8. goalieThreeOne

    2024 Ford Explorer News & Updates

    This leaves me scratching my head. Yes it's been more recently refreshed than the other trims and is unique, but that just seems lazy to not at least revise the grill opening to match across the board.
  9. goalieThreeOne

    Clear tail lights

    None exist that I've ever found. It was a very popular look in the early 2000's
  10. goalieThreeOne

    2024 Ford Explorer News & Updates

    Nah that's where my road trip snacks go! Tray of nachos should fit perfectly there.
  11. goalieThreeOne

    Ford Ecoboost engines should get 5k-mile oil changes, c/w video

    I've been saying 5K changes on these for years. Even if you wanted to sell me on these ultra high mileage synthetics they're putting out, you can't tell me an oil filter can last 15K miles. Frequent oil changes and coolant changes are the best way to avoid the most common high-dollar failures...
  12. goalieThreeOne


    The Explorer PHEV has an MSRP of $82,000 in Germany. If they brought it here, it would cost the same as the Aviator GT but be considerably less nice inside and out AND it would come in 42HP less than the Aviator GT. There'd be no point. The reason they even offer it as an Explorer in Europe is...
  13. goalieThreeOne

    2018 Cold Air Intake Fortunately this is covered in step 19 of the instructions. If your vehicle came with a MAS, then you need to install it as shown. If you don't, you will throw codes.
  14. goalieThreeOne

    2018 Explorer DRL

    In my 17MY Platinum, the DRL setting in the instrument cluster menu allows you to turn the always on low beams on or off. The signature lights stay on all the time. What's interesting is that if you move the light dial from Auto to Off, the signature lighting will get much brighter.
  15. goalieThreeOne

    '22 Timberline High Beam Trigger for Light Bar

    What does your multimeter say about the voltage on the high beam + lead on the connector Pin 2 when you switch between high and low beam? Perhaps it's always "hot" but the voltage changes to turn it on and off (i.e. the light itself has an activation threshold). Also are there any modules on...
  16. goalieThreeOne

    '22 Timberline High Beam Trigger for Light Bar

    Why not a separate switch in the cabin? Seems like having an extremely bright off-road light that triggers every time you use your high beams could be dangerous for other drivers.
  17. goalieThreeOne

    New 2023 ST

    I test drove a 23 Aviator Reserve and a 23 ST back to back. The engine noise piped in to the ST is noticeably and remarkably louder and more aggressive. I would say easily twice as loud, even in Excite/Sport modes.
  18. goalieThreeOne

    New 2023 ST

    That's a great point. Theoretically, it should be the quietest and most insulated version of the platform. For a Lincoln, I want to be wrapped in silence and a big cushy leather seat.
  19. goalieThreeOne

    New 2023 ST

    The ST has engine noise piped into the audio system. The ST is an enthusiast trim so it caters to those that want to hear the engine revving. A Platinum or KR would have the same power, but theoretically, less noise. Most trims of the F-150 would not have as much engine noise because most trims...
  20. goalieThreeOne

    Best place to buy tuner?

    The best place to buy it is from the tuner you choose to go with. That way you can be sure whatever tuner you're getting is compatible. The tuner is usually an add on to the tune itself when you buy it. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter, just go with where you get the best price AFTER you have...
  21. goalieThreeOne

    2018 Explorer Sport Sony audio

    Without being able to see or hear what you are, it sounds like the tweeter have blown
  22. goalieThreeOne

    Ford Explorer ST Performance Calibration Revealed: +30HP With Factory Warranty Retained

    Aftermarket warranties are scams. I had an 02 Lincoln LS. The main harness decided to melt itself down and short out. Went to my warranty company and they basically said "it only covers parts and book time". Well that book time was based on the car being apart already. If you brought in an...
  23. goalieThreeOne

    Tapping into Sub wires

    I Have a platinum. I did the AmpPro because I was not comfortable with making programming changes while my car was still under warranty. It also allowed me to cut off the center and third row speakers which would have clashed with my aftermarket setup.
  24. goalieThreeOne

    2023 Lincoln Reserve Ordered (HOLD ORDER?)

    I'm in sales, but this year my territory was reduced to the metro area instead of the entire Mid-South so I'm driving no more than an hour, maybe two a day. So that's why the lease now makes more sense for me. Right now a fully loaded Platinum on a 48 month 18k mile lease, factoring my stipend...