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    Cheap MP3 player?

    Will these disable my stock sub? If I were to purchase and install one of these MP3 HUs, would it necessarilly disable the factory sub in my Sport Trac? Thanks! Mike
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    Pickup Bed Tent for Sport Trac?

    I've seen ads recently for tents that set up in a pickup truck bed. Most of them I've seen also say something to the effect of, "Not Available for Sport Trac." Do any of you know of a pickup truck tent package the WILL work in a Sport Trac? Mike
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    MP3 Head Unit

    No Longer Available According to Crutchfield, that JVC model is no longer available. Plus, it's a bit out of my price range and has more features than I care about.
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    MP3 Head Unit

    Some possibilities from Crutchfield Crutchfield has a bunch of units that they claim will fit. However, I'm concerned about this free factory-amp-bypass-kit. Will I always be bypassing the factory amp? Here are the ones I'm leaning towards. I want to keep the total under $300, if I can...
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    MP3 Head Unit

    I have a '97 Mountaineer with the JBL system. I am happy enough with it, but I'd like to add the ability to play MP-3 files on CD-R discs. There are plenty of head units out there that'll do that, but I want to find the one that will install with a minimum of hassle, and will work with my...
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    60k Tuneup - Shopping List Requested

    I am actually planning on doing most of the work myself. So the shopping list I'm hoping for would look something like this: Spark Plugs (8) - Brand? 8-spark plug wire kit - Brand? Spark plug socket Can of Compressed Air etc... Feel free to add to this list.
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    60k Tuneup - Shopping List Requested

    I have a '97 Mountaineer, 5.0l AWD. According to my Haynes manual, replacing the plugs and wires are the only things I really need to do (I already did the fluids). I was all set to replace the fuel filter, but the book says that it should last the for the life of the car. I'm looking for...
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    Body-colored Grill on Mountaineer?

    I saw a Mountaineer the other day with a grill that matched the body. I've never seen anything but chrome before, and this looked really good. I realize that you late-model X owners take this sort of thing for granted, but I'd love to find out if this was an option, or if the owner just...
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    Busted Antenna, help

    As it turns out, I'm going to get an OEM replacement mast for about $31 including shipping. I tried a bunch of other options, but I really don't feel like pulling out a perfectly good power antenna motor.
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    5 w 30 and gas mileage

    I just put Mobil 1 in my Mountaineer for the first time. I don't know what weight, as I actually paid someone to do it (DOH!). But the first thing I have noticed is a dramatic (1 mpg at least) DECREASE in mileage. I was averaging 16.8 or so, and now I'm around 15.7. I don't get it.
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    How do I remove a power antenna from a Mountaineer?

    I busted my antenna at the base, and now I need to figure out how to remove it. It's the power antenna on a '97 Mountaineer. The Haynes manual I have doesn't mention the power antenna, only the manual one. Anyone BTDT? Thanks!
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    Busted Antenna, help

    What about the antenna cable? Did you have to pull the radio out and reroute the new antenna cable? I shudder at running wires and pulling the motorized antenna assembly out.
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    Busted Antenna, help

    Hey Alec, how tough was the replacement? I can't figure out how to get the stock power antenna out. Does it come through the top or the bottom? My Haynes manual doesn't even mention the power antenna. I guess that's what I get for buying the Mountaineer.
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    $500 for Shocks???

    I got an estimate on new shocks today. The service center wants to put on four Monroe Sensatracks and do a four-wheel alignment. They quoted me $500 parts and labor. That seemed kind of high to me. Any thoughts? Mike
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    Busted Antenna, help

    Yeah, what's installation like? I would love to go with one of the black Radio Shack antennas, particularly if the reception is superior to the stock one.
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    Busted Antenna, help

    I did the same thing Went through a car wash tonight on the way home. I forgot to turn off the radio, and the power antenna mast snapped at the base. I would like to replace the mast, or perhaps the entire assembly with a small, black flexible whip antenna. Whichever is cheaper, I guess. Any...
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    What shocks to use...

    Can it be true? I find it hard to accept that a $20 shock can be better than an $80 shock. I'd love to be wrong, and if you have positive (or negative) experience, please respond.
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    "Wheelin" in NH

    I'm in Southern NH near Nashua. I have never been off-roading before. How much can I really do in an unmodified Mountaineer? There are a lot of jeeps that go out beneath the powerlines in Milford, and they come back really muddy. I've looked at those trails, and don't think I'd want to risk it.
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    How do I diagnose my suspension?

    Here are the symptoms: Every bump is felt with bone-jarring violence Small dips in the road cause the truck to float and gently bounce 3-5 times I would think with the floating that the shocks are gone. But why the harsh ride over small bumps? I'm confused. As far as I can tell, it still...
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    Best Manual?

    So it really don't matter.... is what it seems like you're saying. Just pick one and go with it, and if I can't figure it out, ask. Is that it? Thanks!
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    Replacing Stock Shocks: DIY?

    Is it really that easy? I guess having a hard time with something being this simple. What's the catch?
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    Replacing Stock Shocks: DIY?

    Any special tools needed? I plan to go buy some important things like a torque wrench and an oil pan. What else do I need? I assume that you need to get the truck's wheels off the ground. Do I need to buy myself a pair of jack stands? Can I do one shock at a time? I really doubt i'll be...
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    Best Manual?

    Been wondering the same thing I can't find the Chiltons around here (NH) anywhere. The autoparts stores all carry just the Haynes. I've never seen any other options. I was considering going out and buying the Chilton CD, but I do appreciate the toilet-reading option. Granted, my laptop is small...
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    Replacing Stock Shocks: DIY?

    Just wondering if a reasonably-competent driveway-mechanic can install a set of four shocks. No, I've never tried it. My experience goes to changing the oil and brake pads on a Honda CRX many years ago. Is there any advantage to doing it myself, or is the labor not really that much? I'm...
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    Autolamp sensitivity

    I have a question about the Autolamp feature on my Mountaineer. It is not quite sensitive enough for my tastes. I would like it to turn the headlights on just a bit sooner than it does. My imagined solution is to cover the light sensor with a strip of tinted tape. The problem is that I can't...