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    Central locking system won't lock

    I'm interested also. I've had a similar issue. Doors will unlock from remote and door switches, but will only lock from the door switches. Can't figure it out.
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    How to: Overhead console display fix - 2nd Gen

    My overhead console display died about 5 years ago. I promptly got a replacement off ebay for ~$30. Died again 6 months ago. I was reluctant to put any $ into "little things" that don't impact the operation of the vehicle. But, I found that I really missed being able to see the temp and...
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    04 explorer sun visor

    I did this last night. It's not too hard, but it takes time and it's a bigger pain than it should be (it seems to me that the mounting bracket s/b made from aluminum or something stonger than plastic.) Here's what I did: 1-I went to a junkyard and removed a visor ($10) - try to get a color...
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    rear body panel crack? who has it!!

    My wife just discovered a crack in the hatch of her 2004 Explorer similar to the pics in this thread. Now I'm in the "crack club" too! Hers is the 4th Explorer that I've owned, but I've had more problems (not maintenance) with it than all of the others combined. (Aluminum oxidation on the...
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    I replaced my heater core, but it isn't getting very hot!

    I doubt it. You probably need to get a replacement unit. I got one off of ebay a few years ago. Pretty easy to replace, but not as easy as a fuse. Good luck.
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    I replaced my heater core, but it isn't getting very hot!

    JMBRaven - I'm having a similar problem. Before you changed your thermostat, did you notice anything different with your temperature guage? My '99 Explorer has 177k miles on it, and I changed my t-stat at around 100k (it had failed and stuck open and it wouldn't get hot enough for much...
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    I did the TB spacer mod

    Anxious to give this a shot.
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    Portable DVD mount

    Thanks for the kind words. This really was an easy project. I should have taken pics step-by-step, but once I got the idea I ran with it - not sure if it would work or not. The placement of the t-nuts in the wood was the only thing that required much precision. I'll place the measurements...
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    Portable DVD mount

    Here's a link to a post that I posted in the Audio & Navigation section about a simple/inexpensive mount for a portable DVD player. Maybe useful to those that have small children.
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    Portable DVD mount

    Here's a closeup of the pvc assembly. Basically the small pvc pieces are cemented into each side of the coupling. These are needed to seat the pvc plugs. The pvc plugs have a 5/16" hole drilled in the center of each and have the carriage bolt pushed through with fender washers and nuts...
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    Portable DVD mount

    I was looking for a way to mount a portable DVD player in my wife's 2004 Explorer for my kids to view for a road trip. I looked at options, and it seemed that the only feasible option was to have it hanging from a braket between the front seat headrest posts, and I was going to make my own...
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    03 explorer trailer hitch

    Double-check this, but I'm pretty sure that the '02's have fully-independent rear suspension (struts inside of coil springs and not the traditional rear leaf springs). The struts can be somewhat of a PITA to change (I need to do the rears on my '04 sometime this summer.) You should be able to...
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    03 explorer trailer hitch

    My wife has a 2004 Explorer 4x4 4.0 flex fuel that came with the factory class II hitch. I swapped it out a couple of years ago for the factory class III hitch (about $100 from junkyard.) The swap really isn't hard to do, but you need to remove the rear bumper cover. Even though the max...
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    Replace Rear Shocks on 02 Explorer??

    Thanks. Great info, I'll be doing this soon.
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    Rear DVD monitor system

    I was looking at doing the same thing a few weeks ago. I ended up deciding against it, due to problems (wiring harness expensive, hard to find; general reliability; unit ties into factory HU; general hassle-factor, etc.) It seemed to me that headrest units make more sense for me. Good luck!
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    Installing rear DVD system

    My thinking was that if the wiring harness and mounting plate were already there, then hooking it up would be easy, no hassle. I used to do a fair amount car audio work pre-wife and kids (10+ years ago), I'm confident that I could do the install and make it work - but the more I think about it...
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    Installing rear DVD system

    We purchased my wife's 2004 EB Explorer when we were childless. I recall that it was an expensive option, and not much use to us at the time - so we didn't get that option. Today, it would be pretty darn nice to have to entertain the kids on long trips. I've seen some OEM units on ebay for...
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    catalytic converter

    I resurrect this post rather than starting a new one. Ford does warrant the cat for 8yrs/80,000 miles (I think this is govt. mandated). Anyway, the cat on my wife's 2004 Ex. went bad in September (@68,000 mi.). Just prior to the cat failure, it started throwing codes for the O2 sensors, so...
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    steering problem

    I'm interested as well.
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    Rough idle and "Check Engine Soon" light - FIXED

    Great thread! Lots of good info.
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    adding 12v aux outlets

    That outlet is usually taken by my son's DVD (which is indispensible for a long trip with a small child.) Thanks for the replies.
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    adding 12v aux outlets

    My wife has a 2004 EB Explorer. When we take it on trips we tend to have 2 mobile phone charges, an ipod charger and a GPS charger. Not all of these items need to be charging simultaneously, so I've been getting by with a basic splitter - but I've been thinking about wiring in some additional...
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    2004 Hood - Aluminum Corrosion

    Thanks for all of the replies. I've been "inactive" for a while due to family issues, but I appreciate the responses. I went to 3 separate Ford dealers (TSB in hand) and was told "no" and that they were aware of the problem by each of them. I bought the vehicle prior to moving to this...
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    Paint Corrosion TSB...

    Here's what I was told by 3 different Ford dealers. If your Explorer is still under the factory warranty, they will fix it under warranty. If the warranty has expired, you must pay $400 or so for them to paint your hood. According to one of the body shop guys, this is a very common problem...
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    Airbag light