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    Driver side seatbelt buckle

    Replace driver side seat belt latch ('95 XLT 4door) Driver side seat belt latch stopped holding...spring appeared to be shot, would not stay connected. Several threads about removing seat/console,'s how I did it, and it was really easy and fast (less than 30 minutes). With power...
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    '95 XLT Broken Odometer-fixed mine!

    Odometer/trip meter inop...speedometer fine. Followed guidance in thread "...ndiglo" to disassemble (down to actually replacing the gauges), went slow and easy and it went fine, although electrical connections, gear shift indicator box and odometer motor mounting were stiff and didn't want to...
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    New shocks and tires...

    So what was the answer to your tire question?...I have the same issue, the largest tire I can use on the 15" rims...what did you do? Thanks!
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    How to: Overhead console display fix - 2nd Gen

    rockyfly Thanks for the analysis, but I think mine is completely dead. The lights work and the unit has power, but I could not find any broken solder joints. Also, it doesn't come on/fade out, just usually dead with the mode button having no effect. Every so often the display will light up with...
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    Thanks for the prompt reply and the advice... Will visit someone else for a second opinion on the code issue, and ask about brake bleeding (had some brake work done, but about 20K miles ago). The engine is the standard 6 cyl (4 ltr?), the only one available that year, which actually has done...
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    Hi to the forum...have 95 XLT 4wd with 93K with these issues... The ABS light will sometimes remain on after its initial test after starting. When it does, it usually remains on for entire trip (once or twice it has gone out after 20-30 minutes on the road). If it does not stay on...