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    New Trans.

    Okay guys, I'm getting a new transmission in my X, and much to my dismay, it will still be an automatic, but that's okay. My question is, what all do I need to do to extend the life of the new transmission as much as possible. I already have a cooler on the way, and hopefully going to get an oil...
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    Add external power source

    So what you're saying is that I could get a battery charger to constantly charge my battery as I'm consuming energy?
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    Best AutoTrans for me...?

    I am thinking about buying a 92 ranger. It has 4.56 gears front and rear, a dana 20 Tcase, and a c4 auto behind a 302 HO from a thunderbird. What I would like to do is try to get a transmission with a better gear ratio for higher-speed driving. The 4R70W looks like it would be good, but will...
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    Totaled or not?

    Dang, whadya hit?
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    Hey,It's conversion time

    Talk to Jamie (410Fortune) and read his thread about his bII conversion. The search button is your friend.
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    I want to flush my Transmision fluid

    It's a little bit high, but not outrageous. As with all services, price varies with location.
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    Losing 1st gear on my 4R55E

    Bump Numbah two
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    Losing 1st gear on my 4R55E

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    Losing 1st gear on my 4R55E

    Hey all. First of all, thanks for all of the help thus far, and I hope you find my random postings to be helpful. I have a 1996 Expo XLT 4x4 4.0L (4R55E trans) Currently, it has 112,x.. miles on the odo, and am still on my first trans. About 100 miles ago, I noticed it took some extra power...
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    I want to flush my Transmision fluid

    One solution I've heard about is to flush it, drive for about 1500 miles, then flush it again. It's a little bit more expensive, but it should get out all the gunk without trashing your tranny. I'm in no way saying that it is a full-proof method to protect your tranny, but I do believe it is...
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    '95 Explorer engine swap

    Do some searching on this site. There are plenty of accounts of engine swaps. If you're wanting to stick with just changing the tranny, you're only option will be a v6. That tranny just isn't meant to be behind a v8. Try to find an early second gen motor (95-96), so that the least amount of work...
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    4.0L OHV & 4R55E to 4.0L SOHC & M5OD

    Well, doing some research on the F-series, I'm pretty positive I'm looking for a late 80's/early 90's truck. Aiming for 4x4 with the 5-speed so that the need for parts is limited. Will update if I find anything.
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    Big Three problem...

    I would suggest a capacitor. I'm no expert, but from what you're describing, it sounds like when a lot of bass is required, your voltage dips. In car audio, when you are using a large quantity of energy all at once, a capacitor is used to allow electrical energy to be stored so that when you do...
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    Add external power source

    Okay, I am installing a new system in my X. Often, I am asked to play music for a tailgate or something for extended periods of time. However, the obvious problem is the life of the battery. I was wondering if there is a way to have an outside power source (i.e. an extension cord) power my...
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    As much as I gripe.....

    Heresy! :us::exporange:us:
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    Compiling a list of gas mileage tips...

    Like Brooklyn said, aerodynamics. Take off your factory roof bars! Intake and exhaust. Less restriction allows more efficiency. Underdrive pulleys Electric Fan Aftermarket coil pack. Basically, anything that allows the engine to operate with the least amount of resistance. For example...
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    4R55E Disaster!

  18. Z

    4R55E Disaster!

    I started reading through the 5r55e vb rebuild diary, and it looks like I'm going to be trying to find a kit for it. Also, I will replace the EPC this time around. Until then, would it be okay to drive it in 2, then put it in drive to avoid using 1st gear?
  19. Z

    4R55E Disaster!

    There were no pieces found in the pan. There were a FEW metal shavings in there, but nothing that would indicate excessive wear. The EPC was not changed due to there not being one that could be sourced quickly. Would it be best to just get a replacement tranny at this point? If so, what would...
  20. Z

    4R55E Disaster!

    Well, not quite yet, but it's getting there. 1996 XLT 112,000 I had a 2-3 flare problem since I bought my X, and about 800 miles ago, we changed the 2-3 shift solenoid. Driving home tonight, I noticed it takes quite a bit more power to get the truck going (up to 2500~3500 rpms to get 15mph on...
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    302 and M5R2 Swap

    Thanks for all the help so far guys!
  22. Z

    302 and M5R2 Swap

    I know 410Fortune will be here sooner or later, but I'd like everyone elses opinions as well. BTW, kudos to the admins for putting up with my multiple threads. Hope they're in the right spots! I have a 4.0L OHV and 4R55E trans in my 1996 XLT. As with everything about this vehicle, any...
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    IIRC, up to 94, it is a4ld. 95 and 96 were pretty much 4r55e. Everything after that was usually 5r55e
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    4.0L OHV & 4R55E to 4.0L SOHC & M5OD

    I could definitely get one on craigslist for cheap, but it would most likely be an auto trans, and I REALLY want the 5-speed manual. It'll just take some looking around.