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    For my next trick, I will attempt to... Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid

    Hissing at gas cap seems to be fumes rushing out and there is strong fuel smell just after. I might be able to swap out the solenoid once I remove DPFE, EGR hoses, mounts, etc. The truck has never had a new charcoal canister so, I may swap it first with fingers crossed. Best!! .cd
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    For my next trick, I will attempt to... Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid

    Thank-you, Everybody! Yes, that is the suspect! After last months major tear-apart to replace failed engine gasket, I can actually see this solenoid a little better than before, BUT it is still up under the ?plenum? and I don't see how I can get my hands on it to disconnect/reconnect its hoses...
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    For my next trick, I will attempt to... Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid

    Smelling gas too strong lately. This happened back in 2007 when Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid failed. I suspect it has failed again with the exception that this time I hear fumes hissing escape when opening gas cap. I didn't hear the hiss back in 2007. If the solenoid has failed, maybe it...
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    Still searching for 1994 air intake hose F47Z 9B659-A or Mazda zzm8-13-206

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    Need help identifying vacuum associated part, please...

    Hey All! I'm wondering what this container/canister item is/does and what codes/behavior to expect when it is not fully connected to vacuum lines.?? BIG Thanks! .cd (photo attached)
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    Solved No overdrive after intake job... *UPDATE 4.22.2024

    *A vacuum line smoke test exposed multiple splits and damage in MAF to TB intake tubing. Once the tubing was patched, shifting returned to normal. I'll test drive a few more days before declaring the issue "SOLVED" Thanks again to EVERYONE!!
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    Still searching for 1994 air intake hose F47Z 9B659-A or Mazda zzm8-13-206

    ISO new/usable intake hose (the one that connects throttle body to MAF box. Ideally, hose+ rubber. I've searched site, ebay, Amazon, etc. etc. Any 2024 sources for these?? THANKS! .cd
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    Is there a popular source for replacement electrical connectors?

    Hello All and, as always, thank-you for the support!! I would like to replace the broken connector GOING TO my idle control valve. Is there a popular and reliable source for new connectors for the ICV and other 94 Explorer gadgetry? Way too many of my connectors are broken and brittle. I...
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    Solved No overdrive after intake job... *UPDATE 4.22.2024

    ANOTHER CLUE: first time night driving since the gasket surgery and I noticed another oddity... Upper speedometer dash lights slowly faded out from about the 35 mph to 55 mph area. I had a bump in the road and the lights returned to normal brightness... Guessing I'm dealing with an electrical...
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    Solved No overdrive after intake job... *UPDATE 4.22.2024

    Thank-you, again 410Fortune! If I have any energy left after work today, I will dig deeper into the tube/line mystery!! TY!!
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    Solved No overdrive after intake job... *UPDATE 4.22.2024

    I see rubber vacuum line from the vacuum tree that moves toward the middle of the firewall and attaches to a metal tube that drops straight down toward the ground. ... Might that lead to the modulator (The modulator that my mechanic says I don't have)?
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    Solved No overdrive after intake job... *UPDATE 4.22.2024

    Hello, Just had major intake work done to fix coolant leak. Now the auto trans does not go in to highest gear (overdrive). I suspect a vacuum hose or such, but have you got any ideas to get me started? If not, back to the mechanic we go. Best!! .cd
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    1st Gen Winter photo contest

    Very Nice all!! BTW anybody else getting 37 pop-up ads when trying to view pix?? Best! cd
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    Speedometer "Flutter" or shake

    TY! Is this the speedometer parts down in/on the automatic transmission?? If so, is there any easy way to locate it?? I may attempt to fix my annual "cold weather-only" speedo "bounce"... Have read for years that some ?gear? needs to be cleaned/lubed *somewhere* on/in auto transmission. Best! CD
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    Upgrade for Cyclops brake light ?

    Hello All Is there an upgrade to the factory center AKA Cyclops brake light assembly or even bulb upgrades, please? Ideally, I would install a drop-in replacement assembly that flashes red before going solid red. ...sort of like what some motorcycles have. Thanks! .daniel
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    Maybe a question for auto parts store, but...

    Would like to increase turn signal rate. I know there is an (old style) metal strip "relay" that I can remove/replace under my dash. Would anyone happen to know if these quasi "relays" are sold by speed/duration, etc? Or, maybe if I modify the existing metal strip I can manipulate pulse speed...
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    What should engine compression be

    any chance someone installed plug wires incorrectly creating a firing order problem?
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    What should engine compression be

    Not compression but run/rich 2 cents ICYI. Last fall my EX would run rough for just about TWO MINUTES or so when "cold"; drivable but rough and wrong BUT ONLY for about two minutes!! Turns out there was excessive crud in one or (?) two coil "holes". ..crud rotted a plug wire at the coil...
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    Smell when hot ouside

    When you unscrew gas cap is there a hiss indicating system pressure???? If not, there is a gizmo under the upper intake that may need attention. It may be called purge solenoid-not sure. Good luck!
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    Ether i use the starting fluid or it won't start...

    Welcome! I'm far from an expert, but my first thought: too much air. I would double check snorkel connection, that one inch hose related to snorkel and listen for vacuum leaks. Best of luck!
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    100% CONFIRMED!!! Live data on a 1994 Explorer with the Bosch 1300!!!

    Nice! Thank-you! Did you find a cure for the low MPG?? My 94 gets about 15 mpg overall. Any help appreciated!