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    mercon or mercon v?

    I would say they had several warehouses full of old product inventory to get rid of prior to admitting it can be used across the board. Plus several fluids contracts to fill out and avoid penalties from OEM manufacturers. Never under estimate the financial scariness of old inventory sitting...
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    Add on Transmission Cooler, common mistake

    Thought I would post this just in case someone is putting one of these things on to a vehicle. I recently rebuilt an A4LD with the help of the fine content on this site. My first automatic rebuild. Pretty darn easy for those wondering whether to do it or not. Anyway I am an engineer by...
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    A4LD Spring and Cap Help Needed

    All finished, closed the clutches up on the new rebuild last night at 8:30 PM MDT. Working well, shifts a little different, but I suspect that is a band adjustment. Thanks for the help, made it nice having pictures and such..... I am amazed at the amount of trans fluid that comes out...
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    A4LD Spring and Cap Help Needed

    Thanks a lot, out to put them in and install the tranny! Rebuild went well except for the Servo mix up. Thanks again.... And thanks to the forum participants that supply all this info, never rebuilt an automatic before... was really cool to see how it works.
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    A4LD Spring and Cap Help Needed

    Tore down an A4LD, started putting it back together, new pump, Steels, Frictions, etc. Anyway I realized I never marked the springs and Servos when I pulled them. I have the AB and BB cap, I have a heavy spring with orange paint on it, and a pretty light spring. Wondering which caps go...