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    parking brake question

    i have searched and searched and havent found a answer to this yet. i have a 99 sport with a 3" body and i am goin to start putting a 4" superlift on it and would like to end up with about 5.5". but anyways what do i need to extend the parking brake cable?? its already tight with the bl on it...
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    where to buy a 4 door leaf pack??

    i have a 99 sport and want to get rid of the saggy mono leaf and also want to do a add-a-leaf when i do my soa. i have seen a couple of places to get a 4 door pack but cheap as i can find them is $140. anyone know of a place i can get them cheaper....thanks
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    best suspension lift for a 2nd gen

    ok a few more questions..1. to get the front superlift kit do i just call them and ask for it or do i have to buy the whole kit. and 2. what soa kit do i get and if you could link me to a install of that it would help alot...sorry for all the questions..ima former rice burner and am new to the...
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    best suspension lift for a 2nd gen

    another question...say i get the superlift can i still add a leaf and tt the front??
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    best suspension lift for a 2nd gen

    i have a 99 4x4 sport with a 3" bl. i want to do a 4" suspension and was wondering what kit would be the best and any problems anyone has had with their lifts. thanx every1
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    Motorcycle trailers and tongue weights

    i am thinkin about gettin a thing just like that for my 4 wheeler and i had the same how do they come to limit of the tounge?? im gonna be just a few pounds shy of the 500lb tounge weight and i dont want it snapin off while im drivin...i know i will add a leaf so the rear wont...
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    wheres the horn???

    aight thanx guys...i plan on adding a wolf whistle horn to holla at the ladies lol...but im gonna put a toggle switch in so i can still have the factory horn.
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    wheres the horn???

    where is the location and what does the factory horn look like on a 99 sport???...thanx
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    What % are the windows tinted on a 97 XLT?

    really thats good then...1 less ticket i need to worry about....seems like the local tinting shop needs to update themselfs on the law since i got my info from them....and also where did you find that info??
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    What % are the windows tinted on a 97 XLT?

    MattStarr in va u can only tint the front 2 windows 50%. i live in richmond and have 35% up front and have had no problems.
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    what do you think of the 2002 explorer?

    i dont know if this has been posted but some1 said that they hope they keep the sport and the sport trac on a seperate platform.....well i got bad news for some of uncle works in the louisville plant where they make the x's and 03 is the last year for the sport. i was very upset about...
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    wheel offset question

    some 17" boze alloys. not sure what style yet but im goin with a "bling bling" wheel and im gonna put 33's on them.
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    wheel offset question

    maybe i didnt make the question clear enough but i believe the offset has something to do with how even your wheels sit on the ground. and i guess what im askin is 1. what is the stock offset. and 2. will the 2" tt in the front throw off the angle and wear the tires uneven. and if so what offset...
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    wheel offset question

    ok im gonna be ordering some boze alloy wheels for my truck soon and they do custom offsets....i now have a 3" bl and will be doin a 2" tt and shackel the rear. i have plans on runnin 33's and i was wondering what offset to get on the wheels. thanks guys
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    3" body lift???

    i did the 3" pa bl on my 99 sport and all i can say is to be sure u read the instructions a few times b4 u start and dont rush the job. also watch all the lines when u jack the body up. about the steering extension i have been using it for about a week with no problems. it was a lil tight at...
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    coil spacer question

    ok well i have a 3" bl on my 99 sport and i want another 2" so i was thinkin a tt and shackels. but i recently learned about the coil spacer lift for the front. and i was wonderning what is the better choice as far as ride quality. and what coil spacers to use and if i would to change out my...
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    wheel backspacing

    bfg mud terrain and procomp mud and i think theres a goodyear mtr tire also...any suggestions on the tire i should go with outta the ones i know make a 17
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    wheel backspacing

    i just put a 3" body lift on my 99 sport and i would like to run some 33 12.50s with a 17" wheel. and i was wondern if anyone knows around what kinda backspacing i need on the wheels to either get no rub or so that i would have to do a minimal ammount of trimming. if thats not possible to do...