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    2001 Mountaineer EATC Blend Door Actuator not responding

    Thanks! I’ll run through these tests and see what comes up.
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    2001 Mountaineer EATC Blend Door Actuator not responding

    Hi all, I am really stumped here and hoping someone has an answer for me. I have a blend door actuator that is not responding to the EATC unit. My troubleshooting process and discoveries: -The blend door is fine, I have been adjusting it manually with a socket wrench. -The EATC runs all other...
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    Weather Tech Floor Liners? Second Gen X?

    I am interested in this as well. Or even a good universal floor mat option, the stock ones are such a weird shape, I have been hesitant to buy anything without being able to compare it.
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    4406 Swap Odds and Ends

    In case anyone has the same issue as me, I was able to get the bolts from ACE, they are M14x2.00 pitch, the smallest they had were 35 mm but they wouldn’t go in all the way for me, even though the hole is deep enough. Since I couldn’t find shorter ones I just put a washer and nut on top and then...
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    BW 4406 Shift Linkage

    I am looking for the shift linkage for my 4406 transfer case swap. Does anyone have one for sale? I checked all the junkyards by me and tried the Dorman part from Rockauto but that doesn’t fit.
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    4406 Swap Odds and Ends

    I am interested. Do you have the bolts as well? Otherwise I’m in the same boat I am now if this Dorman linkage is the right part.
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    4406 Swap Odds and Ends

    Hi all, I'm adding to this thread as I am in the middle of this job and still have not found the shifter linkage. Doorman makes a replacement that I just ordered form Rockauto but I don't think it comes with any bolts to mount it to the transmission. Does anyone know what size and pattern the...