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    2011 cancelled for 2012

    Told me they called yesterday. I saw the paper they print off and my order said clean but they said when they called their rep. would not be built and still couldn't take order for 2012. I have another dealer trying to find me one or to see what the options for ordering are. Hoping to have...
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    2011 cancelled for 2012

    Be glad they made the offer to up it to 2012. Didn't even get the option, said they couldn't order 2012 yet. Just said sorry.
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    What's your status?

    No new explorer for me.... Just got word my 2011 Sterling Grey XLT, with black leater int., navagation, tow package, moonroof and bliss will not be built. Ordered 5/3/11. Really disappointed with whole order situation.....