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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!! :chug: And keep Trac-n'
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    Custom hvac control panel/overlay

    My stock overlay looks exactly the same as your stock one.
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    Custom hvac control panel/overlay

    No problem! I'll check that out as I'd like another for my new '05 ST. Did they peel off the oem overlay before putting on the white one? Just curious because that's how I did my first one, figured more light would show through that way. Edit: Just looked at their ebay store and website and...
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    Custom hvac control panel/overlay

    Looks sharp! Very cool of them to do the custom one for you. Do you by chance still have the first one they sent, and want to get rid of it?
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    Weekend project: Blackened!

    I read various threads on this site and got ideas from the awesome members here! Rebel, yours was one of them...:thumbsup: I did not want to mess with removing anything, so I taped it all off using blue painters tape and plastic drop cloths. Easy and worked great. Then I scrubbed and cleaned...
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    Weekend project: Blackened!

    Thanks! Do you know what part of NY he lives in?
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    Fog light replacement

    I had a passenger lens shatter and bought a whole new housing from ebay for only $32. This link is the one I got. I just went out to check and it sure looks and sounds like glass to me. And there is no difference from my other light (see the pic I just posted in my 'Blackened' thread). This...
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    Weekend project: Blackened!

    So Last weekend I painted my bumpers and side cladding (as a lot of you have). Can not be happier with the result! Completely changes the look. I also found a set of oem running boards as mine did not have them when I bought it, cleaned 'em up and sprayed them as well. The tail lights I tinted a...
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    Tonneau Cover Lock Rubber Plug

    Yep! I've been looking for one myself. I refuse to pay that ridiculous price for a rubber plug.
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    Looking for tonneau strikers.

    So I ordered the 4 strikers and bolts from, total with shipping $112.33. Had 2 keys made $20. Add the $80 for the cover itself for a total of $212.33, not too shabby for an oem cover in great shape! I'm still missing just one thing, the rear rubber key cover plug. I know this...
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    Looking for tonneau strikers.

    So I just scored a factory tonneau in great shape for only $80!!! :D I just need the 4 strikers that fasten to the inside of the bed. I know I can get 'em for $25 each from I just figured I'd check here first to see if anyone may have some they don't need and would like...
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    New Dual Exhaust

    Nice! Love the black tips.
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    Sport Trac vs. 4Runner

    True, Rebel, I didn't think about the car seats. The tracs are quite narrow.
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    Sport Trac vs. 4Runner

    Welcome! Sport Trac all the way! (yeah, I'm biased :)) You should be able to find them with much lower miles if you look around. In my area, I've seen quite a few with under, or even well under, 100k for sale.
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    Nice! Mine seems to run fine but I think I'll do this just for the heck of it. Thanks for posting.
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    Sport Trac Bed Topper

    Archerydad, when you find a bed cap, would you like to sell your tonneau? (is it a factory tonneau?)
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    Welcome! I'm looking for one too, so wait in line. :)
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    Back in Black

    Thanks everyone!
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    Back in Black

    [/IMG] Well I figured I'd post a couple pics of my new (to me) 05 ST, Had it for a bit over a week now. Unfortunately my other 05 ST met it's demise this past Thanksgiving day on an icy road....luckily no one hurt!! Fast forward to now when I finally found another in my area that I liked...
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    Front bumper fog lights mod

    The factory fog housings are mounted behind the bumper by 3 screws, I'm not sure what the backside of a non-fog bumper looks like but those 3 screw holes may be there on yours too. Look behind the bumper and see if those 3 screw holes are there around the (would be) fog opening.
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    Swapped out ST radio bezel for 2nd Gen Explorer to get extra factory foglight switch.

    Yep. It's a basic, bright white just like the cluster. It fit just fine. I loved mine, and like I said, I'll be ordering another soon.
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    Swapped out ST radio bezel for 2nd Gen Explorer to get extra factory foglight switch.

    Here ya go. Took me a minute but I searched back into my ebay purchases. I actually need another one for my new (new to me) '05 ST since my other one was totaled unfortunately...
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    Opinions on prices/what to look for

    Thanks for the replies everyone! The V8's are hard to find around here also, but I have no problem with the V6. I don't tow so that's not an issue, if it was I'd keep my 5.4l FX4 as it has the towing package. As for mpg's right now w/the F150 I'm getting 11-12 on winter blend gas, hwy/cty...
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    Opinions on prices/what to look for

    Hey all, just a quick back story... It's been a few months since I've posted to the site. I was mostly in the 01-05 ST section. Unfortunately I totaled my 05 ST back on Thanksgiving day on icy roads. I didn't have much time to look for another ST and there are not many for sale close to where I...
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    Clearance Lights Installed!

    That is one killer Trac! Lights look great.