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    Got the Fender Flare paint color code.

    Yes is, some new info as well. The paint is a perfect match if you use a clearcoat touch up as well. Just touch up the scratch with the medium platinum, let iy dry and them use some clearcoat.
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    Got the Fender Flare paint color code.

    I did a search on this site for fender flare paint codes... and no dice....I even read that the paint code didn't exist. Well thats wrong...The color is Medium Platinum. I got the info at ford, we did a little diging around in the computer and found it. It is true that the code isnt on the...
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    Stock Alloy Wheels - Clearcoat Peeling

    I got the same problem on my 98. you can get them re- skimmed on a cnc lathe.... costs a ton. What is so great with aircraft stripper?? I would like fo fix mine as well. But i want to do it low buck.
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    for fmaster 40 series owners..

    Try a flowmaster 70 series suv series. Doesnt buzz like the 40 and is quieter until you hammer on it... then you know its a flowmaster. Go with a 2 1/2 pipe max and you will enjoy!
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    Mono Leaf Vs Multi Leaf packs

    A four door leaf pack is great with a aal if you get the whole set re arched at a spring shop. I just did this on my sport and its great. I got it arched so it sat 1/2" higher in the back. After a few weeks it settled and it sits level. I eleminated the warror shackle as well. I went to a custom...
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    Shocks for front end

    So Rsx's are out. A Question for you did you get the Rsx's 2" longer than stock? And Did they clear the front CV shafts? Do you think the 5000's would be better... thats if they fit. I am on the highway 60% and on gravel and backroads the rest of the time, what are your thoughts?
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    Shocks for front end

    Sorry I guess I needed to be more clear. I already have the TT lift done. Will aftermarket shocks clear the CV boots on the front?
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    Shocks for front end

    Hey there, I have decided to put ranchos 5000s or RSX's under the sport. But I have read that I can't fit them under the front without modifications. What are those modifications? Can you just install them boot side down? I have seen that also, but on the rancho site it isn't recomended. Also...
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    Making a Safari Rack and need help

    Rust isnt an issue b/c I plan on using bedliner spray-on. I see your point about using the existing crossmembers. I guess since I am going thru the trouble of making the rack I will make new cross members that bolt into the 2 runners. I already machined up four little T-Nuts that will fit in the...
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    Making a Safari Rack and need help

    I am planning to make a Safari Rack for my 98 x sport. I have decided on my steel, the style and on and on. But I need some input on dimensions. How wide, long and I guess how high. I plan to mount it to the existing roof rack runners. Some imput would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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    Yet another Canadian

    Hey this web page is awsome. I bought my explorer almost a year ago Its a 98 sport with a SOHC. Since I have been on this page- about 2 months I've done a ton of mods. The classic 2" T.T and shackle lift, drop in K&N and a drilled air box, Custom Flowmaster 70 series pipes, and the list goes on...
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    Flowmaster Exhaust

    I recently installed a flowmaster system on my 98 4.0 SOHC, it has dual inlet 2 1/4". Your OHC has a single 2 1/4". Flowmaster has a new SUV 70 series muffler. It comes in Dual or Single inlet 2 1/4". The outlet is 3" which I reduced to a 2 1/2" because I dont want my explorer to sound like a...
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    Before I Spend This Money...

    its your intake manifold Your problem is a cracked intake manifold gasket. I had the same problem when I tried to start it in the cold.