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    Maybe due to me being on the phone. Im seeing ads all over the place. But guess they have to pay for the services. I'm basing this off my daily exp back in 2004 and few years.
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    Hey all, I used to come on here a lot back in the day. I've tried to log on and lil pop ups are all over the place now. Anyways I'm just looking around to see if most of the NE crowd is still on here or has everyone moved away, been over 10 years sense i was involved with this group. No...
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    dtl 2k2 sport is back

    Hello everyone, It's been several years sense I've been on this site. I used to have my mint explorer 2002 sport. But i sold it in 07 kicked myself ever sense, body a few other explorers but never felt right. Life has changed and now older, married. I have a new suv, it's a pathfinder...
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    32s with rims no lift??

    I saw, just hoping someone could of tried it. Non the less.
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    shaking feeling , od light on..

    Ok od light is flashing on my 98 sport. Automatically I'm thinking the stupid transmision is falling out. But drive it around and the light will go off and shift fairly smooth. But highway speeds the Rpms are at 3k near 70 mph. Im pretty sure I'm destroying what's left of this transmission. But...
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    32s with rims no lift??

    But mine is a sport. If I remember correctly I have a larger wheel well area. Maybe its not that much of a difference huh. ?
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    32s with rims no lift??

    I have a 98 sport 4x4. I'm wanting to do Dakota m/t 32 inch tires. But I don't have time to do lift. Could I do a 15x10 inch RIMS? Or with just tires only fit a 15x8 inch rim with out rubbing? Thanks all. Dave
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    guess whos back,,,

    Yes I'm back. But not as 2k2 sport, I now have a 98 explorer sport. I sold the 2k2 sport few years ago for a 08 silverado. Well now I have my play toy to mess with. But does have its quirks for a truck with the age on it. I peek on here once in a while but haven't jumped in on any threads in a...
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    Has NASCAR been boring?

    totally supprised w/ the gordon, and burtton match. Still pretty calm for both sides following that! I think this is the best racing in years. And Jimmy Johnsons pit crew has been benched just to be replaced for the race. For gordons crew. Great times
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    So how many miles do you have on the beast now! ?? Do you still use it as a daily driver or just...

    So how many miles do you have on the beast now! ?? Do you still use it as a daily driver or just for trailing now??
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    Carlisle All Ford Nat's! Jun 4-6, 2010

    hey all, i've been kinda out of the ex game sense i bought my silverado and sold the sport over a year ago. Butttttttt, Bought a 2000 four door and going to lift if i'm thinking, so maybe i can wheel w/ you all if possible ? Gotta get to work on that, Hope everyone is doing well on this site...
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    Where are all the Virginia Explorers??

    lol, the last time we all hung out that i'm aware of was in richmond over 2 years ago,, at BWW. I'm in if it's a decent time, but busy now a days,,,,,, home owner, dog owner now,, and working a lot more hours then i used to.. But get the ball going and lets see what everyone is up to...
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    Fell off the wagon today

    lol, my girl is outta town , and parents have moved away, so after church, went to shoot some hoops,, and then out bike riding, then an easter dinner at hardees ,, 1/3 pound for me,, So guess it must be an explorer thing ,,lol
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    dangerous drives,,,,,, Moab on tv now!

    IS anyone else watching this on speed channel?? Looks like a fun time!
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    winter jobs,

    ^^ lol atleast u had a lot of snow to help cushion the ground!
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    bumper swap?

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man!!!!! off to the salvage yards i go!! thanks!
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    bumper swap?

    96 explorer sport, ,, could i throw on a set of chrome bumpers ,,,?? or do i need to keep the sport , painted style?? Thanks in advance,, Dave
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    Legendary sports broadcaster George Michael dead at 70

    sux!!!!!!! Forced into retirement 2 years ago or so, and then they quite letting him do the redskins show. First of it's kind back in the day, and the WRC TV 4 , cut the production while it posted number 1 ratings! But yes he will be missed and no one will be able to fill his shoes in the...
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    96 sport ,, lift? or throw tires on??

    31's will fit fine, i had a set on my old explorer sport, stock , but im trying to avoid doing the body lift, and deff not spending money on a suspension lift. I was just wondering if it could be one w/ out going those routes, body lift would deff be cheaper, but still a lot of labor. Thanks...
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    96 sport ,, lift? or throw tires on??

    I have a 96 SPORT,, 4x4, i would like to throw some 33's under that sob, but dont really wanna go through the effort of throwing on a body lift. If i put some 15x10.5/ or 12.5 rims would i get by w/ out having to lift or mild trimming?? ooooooR would i need to lift it and deal w/ that...
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    285/75/16 Stock Rims

    AHHHHHHHH, we'll that might explain it then!!!!!!!! so could u do the 285-16 on a stock rim? w/ out a torssion twist!?????
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    285/75/16 Stock Rims

    i had a explorer sport 2002 model a year or so ago, and ran 265-75-16's for a year or 2. It never rubbed or even came close while full lock of the wheels. I wonder why so many people are having to trim or torssion twist w/ those tires on 4 door models.?
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    hmm, unreal!!!!!!!!!

    ah, okay that's what i was thinking. I couldnt see a way that it would filled up, but still a great idea i guess if you had to resort to that!
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    hmm, unreal!!!!!!!!!

    lol, i thought they might of used some sort of trick,, would this actually hold? Or would the tire go back down w/ in a few mins?
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    hmm, unreal!!!!!!!!!