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    Is this normal pulley behavior ?

    Check your Harmonic Balancer. They are known to fail on 4.0's. I've replaced mine already..
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    Trim Restore..

    Turtle Wax Trim Restore is the bomb.. The top of my Rear Bumper was chalky grey colored.. This stuff brought it back. I did it twice for the Bumper.. The 1st coat looked good, but the 2nd put it over the top. I hit the Cowls, Luggage Rack, and the Wipers.. Anything that was faded black is now...
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    Brand new thermostat housing arrived without plug.

    My new Sensor moves freely also. It does not leak..
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    Removing Cowl to access Air Inlet.

    I removed them yesterday.. They just pop off real easy. No screws on mine. There were some twigs and pine needles under there, but no clear view of the Evap. There seemed to be a cover that goes to the Heater Box, but it was locked down with no screws.. I just left it alone. The air path in is...
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    Removing Cowl to access Air Inlet.

    So the Cabin Inlet is under the Cowl, but what will I find? Can you see the Evaporator in there? Since there's no Filter, wouldn't a vacuuming be on the list to clear out 22 years of junk? I've found that they are held in with Clips of some sort, so all I need to do is yank on them.. What say you?
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    Rear Wheel Hubs/Bearings

    Did my 1st one at about 120K, but did the complete Knuckle.. By far the hardest part was getting the damn Rotor off.. Then I made the mistake of not putting the Parking Brake Shoes on the new Knuckle before I installed it on the Vehicle..
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    Time to make a decision

    300k is bragging rights!
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    Burning Rubber Smell

    I smell burning rubber everytime I sit on the Toilet..
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    5r55s Trans Troubles after Motor Swap

    That would be great if it was an unseated Filter.. I recently changed mine and 1 Seal stayed in the trans when I removed it. Actually, the Filter fell out when I didn't have a grip on it and fell into my Drain Pan and splashed Fluid everywhere.. LOL BUT, I had to pry the 1 Seal out before I...
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    5r55s Trans Troubles after Motor Swap

    Trans should not leak out of the Vent. You said you put in 12 qts but did you get 12 out? Just to review, the proper level of Fluid is when it splashes out of the fill port on the bottom of the Pan while running but not a solid stream...
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    5r55s Trans Troubles after Motor Swap

    My Intermediate Servo was broken.. I had no OD.. 1,2 barely worked. I would have to rev 1st up high and let off the gas and then it would shift to 2. Mostly I would bring the Gearshifter down to 2nd at a stop and leave in 2nd and then manually shift to Drive. That was the best option. I drove it...
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    5r55s Trans Troubles after Motor Swap

    The long 1st to 2nd shift could be a failed Servo or Servo Bore.. No overdrive is another symptom..
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    5R55W Band Adjustment

    I have a 5R55W. I just did another Trans Filter and Fluid replacement at 120K. I wanted to adjust the Bands on the Trans to make sure everything is optimized and I'm glad I did. I highly recommend doing this on these aging vehicles because mine drives mint like new. It's actually pretty easy...
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    Question about a corded impact driver.

    The price is right for 450ftlbs.. The tightest nut I ever torqued on that vehicle is the front axle nut at like 185..
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    P0420 Check Engine Light

    I was getting an O2 Error once but it ended up being a failed Alternator if you can believe that. Checking the Charging System is easy. The Alt puts out about 14.6 volts at the Battery..
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    Thermostat housing leak

    I kept the original just in case there was something funny, but the replacement seems to hold the same temps.. I had a real hard time getting one on the Bolts out. I went to the Junkyard and got a couple replacements just in case which I ended up needing because I destroyed the one.. It was a...
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    Battery over charge

    I struggled to make sense of the 1st post myself.. :D We need more specifics..
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    Thermostat housing leak

    Got it in there.. It looks trick. New Coolant at 120K.. All is good.
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    Thermostat housing leak

    My Housing has been leaking slowly for years.. I think I'll finally replace it a 120K.. LOL Here's a metal unit...
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    Low hanging Tail Pipe..

    This is where its at.. I took the Spare TIre out to get access.. I cut off the broken section and just put a Flexpipe on it.. The 1st pic doesn't show it, but the 2 sections are clanging together and it sounds ghetto.. I didn't bother to put Clamps on because there's not a lot of room to get...
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    Low hanging Tail Pipe..

    I noticed my Tail Pipe was hanging low.. If you know, you found that they connect the TP to the Muffler via a Coupler over the Driver Side Half Shaft.. I assume because it's Independent Suspension and there's not enough room to loop a full Pipe in that spot.. Yeah great, there's no room to get...
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    High Mileage Oil

    I have a work vehicle that I drive provided by my job. It uses Valvoline Maxlife recommended by Ford or at least that's what they say at the Oil Change place I go to... I change it when the Van tells me which is like 8-10K With the Explorer I do it myself but it go years between changes because...
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    High Mileage Oil

    I decided to put HM Oil in the beast at 114K. I went with Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30. I can tell you without question that the motor runs quieter.. I had regular Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic previously. I haven't heard the quick startup Chain rattle since I've switched..