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    P0174 Code

    The intake manifold gaskets maybe leaking on the driver side.
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    Engine swap

    What year explorer engines will fit a 2002 Sport Trac? Direct fit or can be used by changing the intake and etc.
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    Rocker pannel

    Thanks guys, made an offer on a new one on ebay. Will see.
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    Rocker pannel

    Anyone know where I can get the passenger side front rocker panel plastic molding for a 2002 Sport Trac?
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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    part is necessary, call Transgo
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    85 Ranger,Will not engage gears?

    Is this truck a 4X4, cause you can't look inside the 4x4 transfer case.
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    1995 explorer limited help

    Try 4x4 Low see if it moves.
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    1995 ford explorer 4.0 eddie bauer 4x4 oil pressure gone

    Also if you ran the engine too long after all the oil went, the engine bearings may be damaged.
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    5r55E lost drive and reverse

    Many places sell these books, get an ATSG transmission manual. You will need to check and see what model trans you have but I think it is a 5R55E. Ebay has them
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    A4LD rebuild progress

    I may not be understanding correctly but if your putting clutch friction and steel plates in, then there is a piston under them for clamping them together. Picture of what you are doing would be great.
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    A4LD rebuild progress

    BrooklynBay---Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like he did not remove the piston and replace the seal??
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    Not usual O/D light flashing

    Good dealers are only as good as the people they have working for them, sounds like your dealer has a good transmission mechanic. Best of luck with your repair.
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    97 explorer 5r55e problem

    It could also be the forward clutch, when you rev it up the clutch disks heat up and grab, eventually they will weld together and everything will only go forward including neutral.
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    2007 Explorer Transmission Overfilled?

    There is a tube that sticks up in the pan above that plug, you drain till it starts to just drop out, that is the proper level. Engine must be running when you do this. Because of the height of the tube no metal or other shaving will come out. Your problem sounds like it's the engine. Look...
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    97 explorer 5r55e problem

    Line and EPC pressure would have been good to check. You may have a bad one way clutch. Requires tear down to fix.
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    OD light flashing

    There are many things that can cause a P0741 code, it might be the TC solenoid, gasket failure or seals causing to much internal leakage, valve body, wiring or the torque converter. Sorry there is no one answer for this problem.
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    Not usual O/D light flashing

    A p0741 code can be many things so don't be surprised if they also want to do a total rebuild.
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    Not usual O/D light flashing

    Did you set the code reader to Ford, DTC codes? Sorry have to ask this question as a code is always stored in the computer when the OD light flashes, never heard of one not being. Code reader may need to be updated Turning the key off does not remove the code, it does reset the computer and...
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    Needle bearing Forward drum.

    Mineral spirits, some use brake cleaner, or other, but be sure to coat everything with trans fluid as you put it together. Don't soak the coated clutch disks or bands.
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    M5R1 Won't go into gear

    When in gear and the clutch is pressed the weight of the truck is enough to prevent movement, but as soon as you go thru neutral there is enough clutch drag that it spins the input shaft up very easy to engine RPM, making it hard to get in gear especially with a possible damaged synchronizer.
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    Torque converter broke

    Here is the link to using a pressure gauge-- The port in the picture towards the end is the Line pressure port, the is another port on the passenger side towards the rear which is the EPC solenoid pressure...
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    Torque converter broke

    Your click on doesn't work. It sounds like there are more problems than just the torque converter, which may have nothing wrong with it. P0741 has many things which can cause this code. P1762 overdrive band failed off, this is an internal problem, could be stuck valve in the valve body, or...
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    replacing lower oil pan gasket on 97 explorer

    It sounds like you got the wrong gasket.
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    OD light flashing

    When the OD light flashes, the computer stores a code as to what is wrong, you need to get the code read.