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    St Pete, FL

    I actually just moved from Myrtle Beach SC to here.... where is your house? Are you by chance renting it out? I ask b/c I need a place to park a boat trailer. Any chance you know of anything available?
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    St Pete, FL

    Hey, Havent been on here in a year, dont even have an explorer anymore, now its an expedition i have. Anyways I moved here to St Pete Florida from South Carolina....... Anyone live here? I dont know anyone! help! MS
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    What would you buy? and why?

    I bought my 99 Expedition for $13,400 in 2004 with 83K miles on it eddie bauer, all options, yada yada... Its got 5.4L V8 and I have towed with it and it does extremely well with a 20 foot trailer. I have a no problems with power or reliabilty and get 17 mpg on the highway and 14-15 in the...
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    If you have XM Online...

    you can download songs.....but can you burn them? before when i did the free trial, the songs were blocked so they couldnt be burned, you could only listen to them on your computer.
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    What are you thankful for this year?

    birth control and the morning after pill, thank god! beer too
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    Im Going To Be A Father

    punch her in the stomach then!
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    (Cool!) You can teach an old dog new tricks!

    It got nail clippers in 17 for me
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    Facebook...whos on it.

    i am Matt Starr coastal carolina univ.
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    yup. va beach
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    How tall is your explorer...

    6'9 to 6'10....stock expedition with 32 in tires
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    A Day Off...thanks ophelia!

    School just issued a notice that classes are cancelled tommorow due to the hurricane....its not even supposed to hit us here in Myrtle Beach, but I'll take a free day my senior year in college!!! woohoo....just stocked the fridge full of budlight so were ready to party....GO EAGLES tonight too!!
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    Never Forget

    I just watched the Flight 93 show on Discovery......Makes me even more proud to be an American...they fought for freedom and won. God Bless..MS
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    New fuel gauge..

    cost me $63 for a 3/4 a tank :mad:
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    Anyone know who makes a good brush gaurd?

    Manik 1 piece
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    Gas... OMG

    2.49 for the cheap stuff here, its making me think now i should have kept the explorer instead of buying the expedition, but only a few months ago gas was around 1.60 a gallon, i could afford that, putting gas into a 31 gallon tank now is killing me!
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    Bad day/life, need guidance.... :(

    Since it was in SC, i get convicted according to SC law. Im not being tried in VA. Although I still have to meet VA and SC DMV requirements. Its really confusing. Im in the process of getting a SC license to make things a little easier. I will be able to get a SC license here soon when I...
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    Bad day/life, need guidance.... :(

    The music wasnt loud, and he did ask if my friends had been drinking, didnt ask how much just if they were old enough.
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    Bad day/life, need guidance.... :(

    He should, the lawyer is trying to obtain the tapes to see if procedures were followed. It may have bee an "unwarranted" stop. I had 2 of my friends with me in the car with windows down at 3am and we were driving past a stop light at a another bar where cops sit and stake out. Maybe he...
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    Bad day/life, need guidance.... :(

    I have a lawyer. This is so I can learn and at the same time TRY not to have this follow me the rest of my life. As I am young and in college, I made a mistake and I really dont want this on my record when trying to get a job when I graduate.... Key point "I dont want", but I did do it, so im...
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    Bad day/life, need guidance.... :(

    Hey guys... Haven't been around in a while...but I know I can count on you all. Well I'm starting my senior year at college here in 4 weeks and about to get my B.S. in Marine Geology. Well my life was going real good, have 2 jobs, school, and nice truck and everything. June 21st, I...
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    show me pics of your ex with 31s

    Thankyou for compliment
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    show me pics of your ex with 31s

    Here's mine with TT/WAR153 and 31 BFG AT's....i no longer have the X, but it was a nice ride
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    The EX..

    I had planned on a BL with 35's, but with gas right now, its not economical yet. I got one more year of college, then Ill prolly be able to afford it! Oh the solid axle is nice, I dont like the new IRS
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    The EX..

    Hey guys, Havent been around for a while, I sold the explorer and bought an expedition, haven't done much to it other than tint and K&N. Gotta save money for gas! Its got 3.73LS, 4x4, EddieBauer, oh and put XM in it with a pioneer premier HU, and 6cd, 10inch sub, yada... heres some pics