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  1. rewind1

    2005 explorer 4.0 into 2003 explorer body ???

    Yeah, i'd have to agree with @Tech By Trade I know there is at least one difference in that the later 3rd gens switched to electronic throttlebody. I'm sure there are other changes as well so using the long block and swapping accessories seems like a good plan.
  2. rewind1

    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    Thanks for getting back. I ended up using the avi lines like @87350gta since it looked like they needed a lot less bending. Brakes are working but I feel like there is a lot of pedal travel. Bled the lines twice. Think I'm going to do a full flush and change fluid out for new stuff.
  3. rewind1

    Explorer to Aviator front brake upgrade

    @firefly1246, I'm in the middle of my upgrade now. Did you use the explorer brake lines on the aviator calipers? The aviator lines run upward off the caliper while the explorer lines run down and then curve back up very close to the caliper. I don't think they'll fit around the larger aviator...
  4. rewind1

    Thoughts on SKF X-Tracker Wheel Hubs?

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with/used SKF X-Tracker Hubs. Supposedly they have a double bearing design and may be a solution to the weak hubs we are all used to on these 3rd Gens. Here is the part page from SKF and a video on the...
  5. rewind1

    2003 Explorer NBX 4.6L V8

    I was looking for a roof basket and found this beauty. Seems to be in great condition from the pics and at a fair price, especially for the (somewhat rare) NBX. Selfishly, I tried to buy the roof basket off him but he's not interested at this time. So I hope someone here can pick this up...
  6. rewind1

    *DIY homelink garage opener to LED Conversion

    @fedyfedz I'm very interested in what you did but I can't see the pics. Any chance you can update this?
  7. rewind1

    05 Aviator mirrors on 03 Limited

    I finished mine last night, I updated the google doc with my findings.
  8. rewind1

    Hey BigRondo, Thanks for your contributions. I was just reading up on a couple of your posts but...

    Hey BigRondo, Thanks for your contributions. I was just reading up on a couple of your posts but the pictures are missing, some error about needing to update photobucket account. This is the post I was reading but I assume anywhere you posted pics is the same problem...
  9. rewind1

    Time to say good-bye!

    wow, nice truck @vandy96. more pics and deets!
  10. rewind1

    05 Aviator mirrors on 03 Limited

    I just installed mine. Still need to work out some kinks in the wiring but I am taking notes and pics of everything. I have both mirrors hooked up for power adjustment right now and both operate with reversed up/down. I intend to address this either by switching pins in the controller harness...
  11. rewind1

    WTB: BTF UCAs (Upper Control Arms) for 02-05

    Found some on ebay!
  12. rewind1

    rewind's Bull Fighter II (Parts Truck turned DD-Project)

    There is a lot planned for the coming weeks including: -Stripping/cleaning my corroded EB 17s (with 31" BFG KO2s) down to the machined aluminum face. -Bedlining and Reinstalling the body trim and tubular step bars -Installing BTF Spacers and UCAs for a 2.5" lift -Installing aviator brakes...
  13. rewind1

    rewind's Bull Fighter II (Parts Truck turned DD-Project)

    I drove the truck for a week and I still had a lot of painting supplies in the back. Early in the 1st week I was smelling some fumes. I drove with the windows until i had a chance to get all of that stuff out. Once I did, It helped the situation but I had forgot a tarp in the trunk area that may...
  14. rewind1

    05 Aviator mirrors on 03 Limited

    Thanks for the writeup and all the info. I just picked up a driver mirror for 30 bucks and will be grabbing the passenger tomorrow for ~60. Just a thought about the reversed functions... I know you worked thorough a lot of the issues at the connection to the mirror, did you try swapping the...
  15. rewind1

    BTF UCAs and spacers from 3rd gen compatible with 4th gen?

    The V8 also uses plastic guides that can wear out similar to the V6. However, the entire setup is in the front of the motor. The job is 10 times easier than the V6. Using a couple walkthroughs I found on here I did the whole job in a weekend. To my knowledge the only difference with AWD is the...
  16. rewind1

    Is This The Truck For Me?

    I think you misunderstand advance trac. AdvanceTrac is not a driveline option (read it is not AWD). If you have an 07 explorer with AWD and an 07 explorer with 4WD, they will both have AdvanceTrac.
  17. rewind1

    East Coast List

    Ray New Haven, CT 2003 XLT 4.0L 4x4, 31s on stock 17s (Bull Fighter II/Conchita II) Current Daily. Just replaced tranny and timing chains. Currently working on bedlining my trimwork. To-Do list: -Strip/clean and polish or clear the factory 17in wheels | -install btf spacer kit (2.5in lift) |...
  18. rewind1

    What is name or part on 2003 4.6 bracket supporting upper coolant hose

  19. rewind1

    rewind's Bull Fighter II (Parts Truck turned DD-Project)

    The truck was now running and moving. We didn't realize until we started it again, but after letting it run for a few minutes the day before something had happened. There was this clicking/tapping noise I could hear bouncing off the walls of the garage but I couldn't tell where it was coming...
  20. rewind1

    rewind's Bull Fighter II (Parts Truck turned DD-Project)

    After getting the motor back in, the tranny was up next. every thing lined up well with the exception of the crossmember. The inner frame brackets had to be banged/bent in some to fit back in and the tranny mount had to be twisted with a crowbar while putting the bolts into the tranny...
  21. rewind1

    rewind's Bull Fighter II (Parts Truck turned DD-Project)

    While I had the motor and the tranny out I took the chance to apply some POR-15 to the underside of the body and the tops of the frame rails. The body of this truck is in very good condition with minimal rust and only a 3 inch section of rust on the passenger rear door/wheel arch. With all the...
  22. rewind1

    rewind's Bull Fighter II (Parts Truck turned DD-Project)

    I ran into a scary situation with my right rear cam bolt where it wasn't tightening properly with the beam style wrench. I almost went ahead continued the project with the uncertainty of torque on the sprocket but, after soliciting some wise advice from @2000StreetRod and @Tech By Trade, I...
  23. rewind1

    rewind's Bull Fighter II (Parts Truck turned DD-Project)

    When attempting to install my new rear timing guide I snapped the lower guide bolt off in the block. I was using a click style torque wrench and never felt it click. As it turned out I was moving the wrench too slowly and therefore the click was very light. Rule of thumb going forward, if using...