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    My Dream Super Truck

    Too bad they are not making it. Saw in Hot Rod magazine that they have killed it.
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    dog owners, need your help!

    Don't forget about the cost of replacing your carpet after they pi$$ , poop , barf on it a few hundred times. After our 2 cats and 2 dogs are gone , the only pets we will have will live in a cage.
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    White `92 X w/ CobraR's - 17's or 18's?

    I don't think I would get white, Unless you get a fresh paint job. I think the 2 whites won't look good together since your wheels will be nice and shiny brand new, and your paint is probably a little dull from being so old.
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    nice 20's on ebay

    I was searching for some wheels on Ebay and found these 20 inch wheels. What do you think? I like them
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    End of the road for 2 door Blazer

    UMM the Camaro has been dead for a while already!
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    Help me with my first selling on ebay.

    Hi, I am quite active selling on Ebay,I have just had my 1yr anniversary of selling , I just turned 200+ positve feedback. I would first do some searches on Ebay to find some items like yours to see what they are selling for. If you just want to sell your item and don't care how much you get...
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    wanted 2nd gen head units

    I am looking for the cassette /cd combo
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    wanted 2nd gen head units

    Hi am intrested in getting some head units from 2nd gen explorers, Must be working completely, want cassette/ cd please leave a price you wuld want Thanks
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    need some help with some questions about stock radio

    Hi everyone, I have my head unit from my 98 explorer on ebay and have been getting some questions that I need some help with.It is the premium sound version with cassette/ cd. Is it able to work with a 6 disk changer? Will it work with the stock subwoofer and sterirng wheel controls? Here is...
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    What to use for cutting 1/8 and 1/4 diamond plate?

    Your jig saw would work but you will need a metal cutting blade and have to have something to clamp the diamond plate to . At my old job I used to make boat trailers and we used diamod plate for the steps. I used a band saw to cut it.
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    Explorer Express X-spec Air Dam

    if you have an 01 ,shouldnt the 96-01 fit
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    cobra svt 17 x 8

    Is your explorer 2 wd 4wd or awd? I had a 2 wd 98 x and my buddy had some 98 cobra svt rims I was going to buy from him and they did not fit.
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    Do you "Do It eBay?"

    Yeah, I should have more like 130 feedback, I have 99 postive feedback and 0 negative. I always leave a feedback and half of the time nobody leaves one for me. I have only been selling for 6 months, I recently had my first problem with a nonpaying bidder,I just sent a second chance offer to...
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    What do you streeters think of these rims?

    What do you guys think of these rims? On a black 98 Sport?
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    Do you "Do It eBay?"

    I have been selling since December and have 87 positive feedbacks. My favorite thing in the whole world is MONEY, So I find anything I can that is on sale or clearance and sell it on e-bay. Heck You won't believe what I sold yesterday, and for how much. You know how you can collect the DEW U...
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    How do i keep my exhaust tip clean and non-rusty?

    I ure a product called neverdull. It comes in a can and is like cotton (kind of hard to explain) but it works great. I have been using it on my vehicles for over 10 yrs now.
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    Interior project for the weekend done *pics*

    Did you use your 50% off coupon for joannes? Joannes always puts out a 50% off coupon in the mail.
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    Cleaning wheel wells...

    I use simple green to clean and then shot it with No Touch tire foam,It turns out pretty good looking. I also agree about having a clean truck and having dirty brown wheel wells looks like crap, spend the extra five minutes and finsh it off so it looks good
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    bfgoodrich comp t/a hr4-2

    That is the same set up I had on my 98 X, Until I rolled It. Those tires Suck in the winter, It was a little bit ice When I rolled it. I was getting on the Expressway and as soon as I got on I hit some ice , spin sideways and then hit the retaining wall ,rode up it ,flipped and slide on...
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    I feel bad for this woman, she was seriously OWNED!

    Yeah, we have a radio station here in michigan that does the same thing,
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    Why do we have an Explorer?

    Hey DIRTDEMON. You are wrong about the new durango being the ugliest thing you have ever seen. There is one car that is far more ugly, Can you say Pontiac AZTEK . Although the new durango is pretty ugly, I think the Aztek takes first place.
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    17 inch wheels, what size tires?

    I have a question? If it is non-street and non-offroadWHAT IS IT?
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    Spring Break = Clean!

    looks good,I agree you need to do your tires, and also you should clean your wheelwells with some simple green then spray it with some of the no touch tire shine. When I still had my X i did that and it turned out awesome. I used to do it everytime I washed it.
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    explorer t shirt

    Hello Everybody, I found a pretty cool explorer shirt on E-bay. You should check it out. I don't know how to set up links so just go to e-bay and type in explorer t shirt. BUD
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    My before and after 02 explorer sport

    Looks good, Although if it were me I would have but some custom parts on it,grill ,rims. But that's what I like . You may like the stock look. Anways it looks good.