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    Double Stroller at the back with the 3rd row seat up

    We put two car seats in the third row, and a baby combo seat w/ base in the second row. That still leaves four seats open. We also have a city select stroller which is a little expensive, but hands down the best expandable and future proof stroller we've ever used and we highly recommend it. It...
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    Free Oil Changes for life? Yep, I fell for it...

    Back in 2007 fell for the "new tires for life" from a different vendor/dealership. When I finally needed them, the dealership had closed down. With them, my deal was gone...
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    Video in motion / NAV-TV

    This looks interesting. Has anyone installed one yet?? The baby monitor feature peaked my interest. Instead of using multiple mirrors attached to headrests, would be nice to see baby's rear facing seat on the center console camera!
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    Need Community Help/Advice with my Sport Issue

    I had a 2011 Cadillac (CTS-V) and there was a noise in the transmission with under 2500 miles on the engine. They kept my car for over 30 days and had GM engineers come out to figure out what was going on. I had a loaner the entire time but when all was said and done, and they finally figured...
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    Car seats question

    Thanks Peter! Looking forward to the retirement part... Blwnsmoke, I thought of that as well but then I'd be lifting (or my wife would be lifting) the 60 portion of the 60/40 bench. We went with the bench because we needed the extra two seats for in laws as we have found we drive them around on...
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    Car seats question

    I've searched high and low and am now coming to the greater community with my question. New 2013 Limited owner and new to this forum (been browsing a lot as I did my research.) We just had our third child (two weeks ago) and now, thanks to California and other regulations, I'm looking at years...
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    Keyless alert

    Can we refer to it as a honk versus a chirp? One sounds much quieter than the other and it really is loud and announces to the neighborhood that you've just walked away from a running vehicle. I have encountered this in the exact same way as the OP. In my scenario, I pull up to my garage and...
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    Thanks for the followup, RogDog. Good to know the boards made it to the Bay Area intact and protected! I'll be placing my order today!
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    Horn Beeps On Exit

    Any updates from anyone/Ford on this? Besides leaving keys inside or leaving the door partially open, can we disable it or have it changed to real "chirps" versus loud honks? My 2007 Murano does this too but uses very subtle chirps that you probably couldn't hear more than 15 ft away from the...
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    Has anyone else received a shipment lately that can confirm if packaging has improved? Also, to address the gap concerns, has anyone put in a product like the one listed on these Westin boards? (see related products half way down the page. Couldn't find them on their own page)...