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    is this the death rattle?????

    it has fresh synthetic in it, only a few days old. i had to replace the lower oil pan in it. its been on synthetic for well over 150,000km. it had it for the pass 7 years iv owned it. the sounds is coming from the drivers side of the motor from listening to it with a stethoscope in the area...
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    is this the death rattle?????

    ok so iv had my truck parked for some time an iv been working on it to get it back up to road legal again. so i was replacing a rear brake line an ran out of gas. got some fresh gas an fired her back up to a lil tick that became this in a few mins. is this the death rattle from the 4.0l sohc iv...
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    abs help

    guys iv had my truck for over 7 years now an after about a year the abs would come on all the time cause the master was weak. so the mechanic disconnected a wire under the hood to keep it from going off all the time. the plug to the abs motor is still hooked up. i cant seem to find what wire...
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    Mono leaf to 4dr leaf swap

    i put a set of used 4dr springs in my 99 made it level up again, no more saggy bum.
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    floppy door handle fix thread

    thanks, i do think that will do. i do know there use to be 1 around that said so many cent for this spring at a hardware store an it fixs the problem.
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    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    298,000km on my 99 sport. the truck hasnt seen much road in the last 2 years. getting around now to fixing it back up an on the go ago. weve bought it with 145,000 on it 7 years ago. its only had synthetic oils sense then. truck still runs like a timex.
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    floppy door handle fix thread

    iv been searching now for a few hours of trying to find the how to thread of using a hardware store spring to fix the floppy non returning door handle. i just cant seem to find it.if some one knows where it went to could you please send me the link. i know i could buy a new handle from ford...
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    hcu removal to no abs ?

    ya im not shy to plumbing new brake lines. but i would need a portion valve for just the rear, maybe 1 off an f150 will work?
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    hcu removal to no abs ?

    yes i know they can do it but its going to cost me $200 to have the truck towed there an then another $100 just to have it bleed. but this dont solve the problem of it active on dry roads from time to time.
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    hcu removal to no abs ?

    has any 1 removed the hcu in a 2nd gen to no more abs. id like to lose it as i have had the hcu come on on dry road an after master replacement i have air trapped in there.
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    Where to find Warrior shackles in Canada?

    just jeeps in toronto carrys em, but for the cost make your own set is just as good.
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    changed the master on my 99 sport, how do i bleed it?

    i had to change out the master on my 99 sport. i had to replace the rear brake line off the master to the abs also. before i started i pinched off the flex lines before removing the master to help keep air out of the system. i benched bleed the master an installed it. can i do a normal brake...
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    transmission swap need to know if it will work

    ya main shaft are different lengths. so you have to open up the transmission an replace the main shaft. it can be done or just find another 2wd transmission
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    4.0 SOHC Engine

    i have a 99 sohc. we got it with140km on it an the truck now has 300km on it now. iv only have run castrol syntech in it sense we got it an it doesnt burn any oil at all. the death chain rattle an chain are still the factory parts. motor has only been opened up for a t stat i had to replace last...
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    Grey 'slitty sludge' in trans pan - 5r55e (01 Sport Trac)

    it is clutch a band adjustment also.
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    multi problems all of a sudden

    well i dont think it to be the battery or alternator as the truck has over 7+ hours of driving with muliable starts sence this. common ground it could be, just need to find out where the grounding could be. but would this also affect the 4x4?
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    Durham4x4 in Ontario

    i know this is an old thread, but im moving to south oshawa very shortly. hope to see your truck
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    For the Canadians out there..

    you mean there more land pass ontario???? i know there the great island of alberta the newest city in newfoundland. what else is there lol
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    multi problems all of a sudden

    went out yesterday moring an started my 99 sport, the 4x4 hi/low lights flash for a quick second. didnt think much of it but then tryed to put the power window down an it wont go. so drive to the store get out an notice the puddle lights dont come on anymore. so here i am 4x4 isnt working...
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    My battery is draining.

    this problem isnt uncommon. check the anti-thief box in the drivers side quarter panel. put your meter on the battery. use the meter to jump between the battery an the ground cable leaving the power side still hooked to the battery.this will read the voltage being drawn. go to the drivers...
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    heeeeeelp !!! auto locking hub .

    get rid of the crappy auto hubs an get a manual set, its a world of difference for the better.
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    Brake lines, fuel lines and bears, Oh My!!!

    well sorry to hear the old girl had to go out this way, but good luck with your sell.
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    97 4.0L sohc no compression

    well you need to check to see if its the lack of compression you have. it could be something else thats cause a no start.
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    02 Sport Burping

    my wifes 99 sport has a high pitch wine, the kind like air in the pipes at home an it only does it at idle . it only does it in the fall an winter time, once it outside temps warms up it stops.
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    No Start when cold

    look at the starter relays. they will have less resistance once they are warmed up an wont give full power to the starter if cold. also check the grounds an cables for corrosion.