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    Differences in Door Chimes for Model Years

    I have noticed different variations of the three-note jingle. One sounds more like an old-school MIDI file or Nintendo game, and the other sounds more "soft" like a recording of a musical instrument. I don't know what causes one versus the other in the same PIU, but I have heard them both.
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    Pursuit mode

    No but the electronic power steering recall did
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    Adding Police Engine Idle / Secure Idle

    Awesome! Did you find the plug on the harness to connect the switch to?
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    2016-18 Police Utility Forscan Settings

    Did you get the photocell (sensor) for the dashboard too?
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    Police Explorer vs Sport specs

    Nah, not weird. The no-frills heavy duty and low price is probably what draws most people to buy them. Like you though, I drove a high trim Ford recently and was amazed by all the things that I'm missing out on. 3 driver memory automatic headlights fog lights power liftgate power fold...
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    Police Explorer vs Sport specs

    They are so drastically different that it seems odd to be on the fence between these two polar opposites. The sport is going to have much nicer material finishes, infotainment, comfort, convenience, etc. You should check out both vehicles in person before you make a decision.
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    Towing Capacity of 2015 PIU with 3.7

    This is more in line with my theory. I didn't know that the PTU was the weak link though.
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    Towing Capacity of 2015 PIU with 3.7

    Maybe the difference is just the duration of towing/moving/pushing the additional weight, but this is an interesting number given that many PIUs are equipped with push bumpers for the purpose of pushing a full sized vehicle which weighs well over 2,500 lbs. Does anyone know if Ford has and...
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    2014 PIU stays running with key removed (Not Secure Idle)

    Very odd. Interested to hear what you find.
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    Dark Car - Disable?

    If you don't have the option in the instrument cluster like this then it's probably disabled through the BCM. Should be: —Dark Mode 16-18MY BCM 726-32-01 xxxx x*xx xxzz 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled per FORScan 2011-2018 Explorers
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    PIU Shopping

    Yeah, congratulations. Cool to see a 2018 on here. You should do a thread and show us some photos.
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    Adding Police Engine Idle / Secure Idle

    Behind my (2016) panel I only found a 3U2Z-14S411-BUB connector, with these four wires: purple w/ orange stripe, gray w/ orange stripe, green w/ teal blue stripe, white w/ green stripe The modifier guide says that this is for 2-way radio, but also says that it is behind the center stack...
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    Adding Police Engine Idle / Secure Idle

    Thanks KayGee. Yup, that's the picture I found and linked above. No, it hasn't been clarified at this point, I am still exploring right now. At this point I'm trying to locate the part number for that switch.
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    Adding Police Engine Idle / Secure Idle

    We're on to something. That's definitely where the switch goes - just below the headlight control knob. You can just barely make it out in this pic: What's odd is that the...
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    Adding Police Engine Idle / Secure Idle

    Nope, I'm still searching. Per the 2017 Sedan and Utility Modifier Guide: ------------- NEW Sedan/Utility Police Idle System Illuminates when Police Idle System is armed and active. The system allows you to leave the engine running and prevents your vehicle from unauthorized use when you are...
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    Remote lock issues

    Is it possible that you shorted something and blew a fuse?
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    Courtesy Lamp Disable

    Well, you have a great point. I was making an inference that the temporary function of the interior lamps is what is called "courtesy light". That is to say that there isn't a dedicated bulb that is called the courtesy lamp, but when the interior lamps come on for the purpose of welcome /...
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    Courtesy Lamp Disable

    Interesting, I was wondering if since it only mentions "courtesy lamp" if that was the ONLY thing disabled - i.e. parking lights / tail lights still function for welcome / farewell. @VCFP153 - Here's an example of both behaviors toggled via IPC:
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    Police Interceptor Utility Photo Thread

    On the glovebox I think he means.
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    Police Interceptor Utility Photo Thread

    I made a short video tour of my Interceptor just for fun.
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    Tour of my Interceptor Utility-

    Tour of my Interceptor Utility-
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    New 2020 feature- Rear Camera On Demand

    Per All-New 2020 Ford® Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid SUV - Coming Soon | I wonder if this is something that we can activate in software through Forscan.