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    Strut/Spring recommendations - possibly lower ride?

    I have a 2005 explorer with 225k miles with original struts, they seem okay but i do have a shimmy doing 70mph i had new tires mounted and balanced and it hasn't gone away. My question is has anyone eliminated a shake/shimmy in there explorer by swapping out the struts?
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    Shake from 60 to 70 2002 EXPLORER

    i have a 2006 explorer, developed same shimmy after several road trips, purchased new tires and problem didn't go away. ran the truck with all 4 wheels in the air and found no bent rims. the axle shafts do wobble slightly i noticed. Im leaning towards rear struts or the cv shafts/half shafts
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    rear rotor question

    i have the same problem with my 2006, driving me crazy. developed on its own, bought new tires and problem still is there. wobble/shimmy under my seat towards the rear.
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    08 4.6l exhaust manifold leak, snapped bolts

    no i didnt need any special tools, i just made sure i got the timing arrows in the general area where they will be at when the engine is at top dead center before installing the heads, i did put new tensioners in the motor since i didn't have the c clips to hold them in and also both gaskets...
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    08 4.6l exhaust manifold leak, snapped bolts

    oh wow i pulled my heads, got it all done now. i used bolts this time instead of studs
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    08 4.6l exhaust manifold leak, snapped bolts

    well I just pulled the heads off my 06 4.6 v8 since 2 exhaust manifold studs where broken on each head, the job is almost impossible to due thru the wheel well so i just tore it down. Currently my manifolds are being machined due to slight warping, and the heads are on a bench.. il let you know...
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    08 4.6l exhaust manifold leak, snapped bolts

    Well i just bought a 2006 explorer limited with 74k for a decent price, but the drivers side manifold has a broken stud and also the passenger side does too. Thought i could do the job thru the wheel well but it looks like im going to be pulling the whole engine. Il take pics and post what ive done.
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    Rumble strip vibration 2004 limited v8

    hey i had this explorer for about 6 months now, it has bought it with 115k now it has about 120k. the only real complaint i have is that when im coasting between 45 and 50mph I get this pretty noticeable on and off vibration like rumble strips. if i downshift out of overdrive its much more...