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    Rust Question

    On my 2000, when I open my rear hatch, I can see some bubbling action right below the cargo bed, right above the bumper. Now, how intricate is this piece, and how much do you think it would run me to get it fixed, I don't have a welder at home, so I'm going to have to rely on the expertise of a...
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    Anybody have good full rocker panels they wanna sell?

    How much do you think shipping would be on those?
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    Anybody have good full rocker panels they wanna sell?

    I have a 2000 Eddie Bauer, and my rocker panels have rusted away, I need inners and outers, but its very hard to find any in this area that have good rocker panels left. If someone has a junked sploder or knows someone with one that has good rocker panels, I would love to know. ALSO, I need a...
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    Door issues

    My passenger side rear door will not open at all. Seems like the door tries to unlock, as the lock nub moves, but it wont unlock at all, leaving that door useless, AND my Door Ajar light stays on which causes all my dome lights and mirror lights to stay on. Are these both related? The door being...
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    Rear Hatch Question

    Like would I have to change anything (tailights, hinges, latches, etc. to make an older hatch fit?
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    Rear Hatch Question

    I need a rear hatch for my '00 Eddie Bauer. Will a hatch from a '96 fit my truck?