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    Left side speakers

    I have a 2014 PIU and the left side of the speakers don't work at all front and back I’m not sure if maybe when it was decommissioned they accidentally cut the wire or it’s an option? I checked the audio settings and that’s not the issue, Anyone have a radio diagram I believe I have the non sync...
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    Dash cams

    What are some of y’all’s dash cams setups for the PIU?
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    Cold Start - strange high idle until warm

    Mine does the same thing it runs perfect other than that I’m not sure why it does that
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    Keyless Entry help

    Update I got a new fob and it worked!! I’m so happy to finally be able to open the door without needing to use the key
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    Keyless Entry help

    I think I found the issue just a bad fob I’m gonna get a new one tomorrow and I’ll see how that goes!
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    Keyless Entry help

    Yes the locks will cycle but the key fob won’t pair when I push the buttons on them maybe it’s a faulty fob? Someone else said it was confirmed working with the same fob so I’m lost
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    Keyless Entry help

    I have a 2014 PIU I just got forscan and enabled the keyless entry I can now get it to go into programming mode but when I use a ford key fob it doesn’t pair, It might be the RKE but I’m not sure if anyone has any tips lmk!