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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    Less than 150 mile till I hit 200,000 on my 2001 Mounty.
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    96 Explorer Limited Driveline Thrumming noise

    I'm not sure if you're off, I believe mine was the front of my rear shaft . It was bad, but not always noticeable while driving.
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    96 Explorer Limited Driveline Thrumming noise

    May want to check u joints. I had one go bad in mine, sounds similar to what you are experiencing.
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    2014 Explorer Lease

    i was thinking of buying a used 2014 XLT with 43,000 mile on it. It is under $22,000 US . Do you think it will not be a good vehicle to own? I'm trying to decide if I want to buy another used Explorer. I have had good service with my 2001 Mounty, and a 96 XLT Explorer. I do not drive my...
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    Starter problem

    I have been having issues with my starter the last few weeks. I do not drive this Mounty every day. It does seem if it is parked on an incline, with the front higher the problem is likely to appear. But if the front is lower never happens. I was thinking there may be some problem with a...
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    2016 Limited or Sport

    Get a used one If it was me, I would look for a used one to buy, drive it to Florida, or wherever you are going. Then sell it after getting home. That way you will not put those miles on the new one. Plus it's not good for a new engine to put a long steady drive on it before it has been...
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    Ford Explorer second generation Upgrade to Digital Cluster

    Wow! That's very nice, great job!!
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    ZWilson07's Build

    Nice work, and this is going to be a great Explorer for sure. I think the garage is cool too, most of us would love to have a space like that to work in.
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    Might be picking up an 01 Mounty

    Great deal, I'm happy with mine. I would not part mine for under 3500$, it's never lived out of Florida and is perfect.
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    My 98 XLT 5.0 Finally Goes Under The Knife

    Nice job! Great looking 98 there.
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    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    Looking great! Thanks for the update too. It's nice to see you are working on it again, and what a great Father's Day
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    Mn Mountaineer V8 SAS

    Great job! It sure looks awesome.
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    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    Good to hear you are still at it Buddy. :rangergreen:
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    A/C Replacement Process

    Do a lot of research before you start and you can figure it out. Look on you tube for some good videos. Be sure to clean all the lines, and replace all O rings before putting it all together. Good luck. Oh, btw. I had a shop pump mine done, and add the freon, I think it's easier than trying...
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    Build Thread: 2000 Eddie Bauer

    You may check the site for an easy repair for that shift motor. The bushing wears, or cracks inside, easy fix
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    Build Thread: 2000 Eddie Bauer

    Nice ride for 500$, my son destroyed the 96 ex I left him have a few years ago. Sold it for 500$ as junk. :(
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    used PCM--need flashing/programming?

    When I got one off eBay a few months ago all I did was install it. Everything has been working fine, with no other changes.
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    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    Looking great Buddy!
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    Power window problems fixed ( with pictures)

    I had this problem with my 2001 Mounty, I replaced the GEM with a matching one I got off eBay a few weeks ago. No troubles since.
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    2000 XLT AWD - a work in progress refurbish

    It does sound like the front drive shaft may be missing, if you are lucky she has it still. Sometimes people remove thinking it helps with mpg, but it doesn't really. I would get that in ASAP. Good luck getting it in shape.
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    New to me '97 Mountaineer

    Probably a bad hub, there are posts here on replacing them, not too hard. Get a good one, not the cheap ones. That way you only need to replace it once . Good luck
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    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    That's a real nice truck Ben! Awesome job, congratulations on your wins!
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    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    It's looking real good Buddy! And the Mustang looks great too, awesome job you are doing on these. :) Curt
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    Photos Lets see those 2nd Gen EX/Mounty

    Love the black with blue Varoom! Sweet ride. And yes Starkman, we are jealous. ;)
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    1956 F100 Explorer Chassis Swap

    Nice ideas Buddy :)