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    FREE 1991 - 1994 Ford Explorer Electric Shift Transfer Case

    FREE - I have a 1991 - 1994 Ford Explorer Electric Shift transfer case that I would like to donate to someone with a need. I bought this on Ebay five years ago for $100.00, anticipating that I would swap with my transfer case that was stuck in 4X4. I never had the time to do the swap and...
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    Vibration when coasting

    My Explorer is a 1991. On some early models, the bolt holding the flange onto the output shaft from the transfer case was loose. This was my problem. To determine this, drop the rear drive shaft and inspect the flange to determine if it is loose. You may be able to see this, without dropping...
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    91 4.0 OHV Explorer has random light tap under light load in gear

    The tap is more of a "thum thum thum thum thum" sound and is constant only when the engine is in gear (under load) at 850 - 1,100 RPMs or so. In neutral, it appears to be gone. Noticed more when going up a hill or "power braking" at 850 - 1,100 RPMs. Can't be heard from inside vehicle, unless...
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    91 4.0 OHV Explorer has random light tap under light load in gear

    My 1991, 4.0 OHV, Explorer has a random light tap between 800 - 1,100 RPMs, under light load in drive or reverse. Seems to be most noticeable when the engine is warm - hot. First noticed at an ATM drive-thru, as I sat in drive at idle. I can't seem to isolate the sound. In park it is not...
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    No rear brake pressure after wheel cylinders replaced?

    Yes, all lines were bled to include the master cylinder. I wanted ALL of the old fluid out. Lets review: -New calipers and brakes (New pins and lubed) -New rear drums and shoes (New spring kit) -New RABS valve (rebuilt) -New rear wheel cylinders -New rear brake line from the RABS...
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    No rear brake pressure after wheel cylinders replaced?

    RABS replaced and all appears well. I do notice that in a light panic stop the rear wheels lock-up before the fronts. The ABS kicks in but I don't think that the rear brakes should have so much stopping power. In addition, the rear rims feel very warm from normal braking. In addition, the...
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    PLEASE HELP w/ my brake problem

    Sounds like it could be the RABS assembly. If this has never been changed, suspect this. Let us know the outcome.
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    1991 Oxygen sensor connector different CODE 41

    I replaced my oxygen sensor today in my 1991 Explorer. The connector was slightly different. By cutting off one of the tabs, it fit fine. (Advise of the parts person.) Well go figure, now I have a code 41. (No code previously.) I had the parts man look at 1988 - 1990 Bronco II and...
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    Spark plus choices

    Why gap your plugs @ 60 when the gap should be 54? Doug
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    RABS Valve leaking brake fluid at connector

    1991 Explorer 120,000 miles I replaced my defective RABS valve. When I installed the new one, the flanged connector leaked on the drum brake side. I tightened it too much and subsequently stripped the threads. I obtained another RABS valve and installed a new brake line and double...
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    How to bleed RABS ABS Valve

    1991 Explorer I replaced the RABS valve today. I understand that others have bleed this item. How do you bleed a RABS valve? Must the solenoids be energized? Thank you, Doug
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    No rear brake pressure after wheel cylinders replaced?

    Last question. Is the RABS valve a dealer only part. I thought that I read a thread regarding a rebuilt one. Thank you for your assistance.
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    No rear brake pressure after wheel cylinders replaced?

    Mr. Boyle, Is it you thoughts that the RABS valve could be bad even though the idiot lights for the ABS or the Brake have not illuminated? In addition, does the 91 have a traditional brake proportioning valve or is it incorporated into the RABS valve? All of this started when I replaced...
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    No rear brake pressure after wheel cylinders replaced?

    Well, its not fixed. I don't see a pressure differential valve. Does the RABS valve serve as this? The brake pedal is firm at first with good braking. The next two inches of brake travel there is not much change in braking. The next inch the rear brakes kick in and lock up if on a loose...
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    No rear brake pressure after wheel cylinders replaced?

    Where here is the fix. I started the vehicle which gave vacuum to the power brake booster which provided fluid to the rear for bleeding. When the vehicle was shut down and the vacuum was lost, it was again difficult to get fluid from the rear. Is this normal? I understand that the rear...
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    My Rear Barkes have entered permanent retirement

    Were you ever able to find the problem with the lack of brake fluid at the rear? I have the same problem now. Thank you, Doug
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    No rear brake pressure after wheel cylinders replaced?

    I replaced both rear wheel cylinders. When I attempted to bleed the rear brakes, there was no brake fluid or pressure at both rear sides. This is a 1991 with rear ABS only. Please advise why this is happening and how to fix it. Thank you, Doug
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    Radius arm bushing alignment question

    1991 Explorer four door I just replaced the radius arm bushings. Yes, I did the removal of the rivets way. Does the front end need to be aligned now? It would appear that the holes for the bolts, for the radius arms, will not be in the exact place that they were. Could the...
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    Transfer case stuck in 4X4 - 4 HI

    My transmission was rebuilt last week. This week, during a test, I shifted my 1991 Explorer into 4HI and it won't come out. I confirmed that the electric shift motor is working properly and that the shifter knob on the transfer case, under the shifter motor, is set to 4 HI. Yes, I have...
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    Hubs or transfer case problem?

    Adam, The 1999 is a different bear from the 1991-1994. Sorry that I can't help. The 1991-1994 front drive shaft shoud not move unless in 4X4. Doug
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    Hubs or transfer case problem?

    I replaced the hubs today with WARN manuals. The transfer case still appears to be locked in 4 WD. I confirmed that the switchon the case, under the motor, is in 2 HI. Any idea why the transfer case would be locked in 4 HI? Thank you, Doug
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    Hubs or transfer case problem?

    1991 Explorer. 118,000 miles. Auto Hubs, Electric shift motor, Transmission, NOT TRANSFER CASE, was rebuilt last week. Here is the problem: I tested the 4WD, after the rebuild, to make sure that the connectors were attached etc. It engaged in 4X4 high, low etc just fine. When I turned...
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    A4LD POP sound now no overdrive

    Big E, I want to make sure that you understand that when I shift from D to OD, there is no change now. What about the solenoids on the passenger side of the tranny? Could one of these make these symptoms? When I lost the OD, it felt like the vehicle ran over a hole resulting in a...
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    A4LD POP sound now no overdrive

    HELP WITH OD Well, I check the modulator and the tube was dry. I checked for ECM code both run and not run. Both were code 11. (Clean) I checked the connectors at the tranny. All were tight and stable. The voltage appears 13-15 at battery, at idle. Must I bite the bullet now or is...
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    A4LD POP sound now no overdrive

    1991 Explorer 118,000 miles Automatic Today, at 50 mph, I heard a thump and the overdrive was gone. It felt like the vehicle "hic-cupped" or I rode over a small log. What was the sound that I heard? I am aware of the voltage issues, TPS and modulator but what else could cause the loss...