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    Seat Belt Problems

    Awesome, I'm going to try it this week as I've been driving around with no seat belt for a year. I had already got one from the junk yard and it broke almost immediately
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    I'm callin fuel pump too, all the described conditions could be caused by fuel delivery issues. If it is a 93 with the original pump then changing it will prevent you from being stranded some day anyway. Lucky for all of us, there is a cool thread on here describing how to swap the pump without...
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    2002 Sport Trac high pitch noise from fuel pump

    Replace fuel pump in 2001 Sport Trac. I should have taken pictures. Time: 3-4 hours. -Pull fuel pump relay and turn over engine to depressure fuel system. -Remove negative battery cable and secure. -Siphon as much gas out as possible, easiest to remove fuel filler hose from rear of gas tank...
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    Door handle woes

    passenger side is not the same (it's a mirror image). You could probably swap the rear drivers side. They will all crap out. The design sucks. I had to change out all of them on my 01 Trac. Luckily they are pretty cheap from Rock
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    2001 ford explorer sport trac starting problems

    If you have had problems with starting your 01' Trac and now it won't start at all, always start with the "holy trinity": power,spark,fuel. Fords are pretty notorious for crappy fuel pumps. When you first turn the key to the "Start" position (not cranking it over) do you hear the fuel pump...
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    2001 Ford Explorer Sport Fuel Pressure Rail location

    2001 Sport Track fuel-rail Schraeder is at the rear of the passenger side rail (almost impossible to get to, I'd kick the engineer in the teeth for that and the d#*m spark plugs, if I could find him!) NOT AS PICTURED. The pic must be from a 2000 model year or earlier.
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    Side Mirror needs facelift

    Mine looked the same. I just scrubbed em clean with laquer thinner, masked em off with tape and newspaper, and spray painted them with automotive semi-gloss black from the auto parts store. They look pretty damn good now!
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    Check Your Fan Blade!!!!!

    I agree with Joe, I'm the original owner of my 91' V6 X and the stock fan blade showed stress cracks within a few years. Replaced it in '98 with dealer bought blade and it cracked too. It's been runnin since then, cracks and all!
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    Starter Doesn't Respond

    OK, you need to be prepared to troubleshoot. You turn the ign. switch and it sends power to a starter relay mounted on the pass. side wall of the engine compartment (ONLY in neutral or park, won't do it in D or R cuz of the P/N position switch [which dont go bad often but shifter could be messed...
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    High(ish) pitch Whine

    if you end up changing out the pump, search for the post on here about cutting an access hole under the rear seat for access. Do it and you won't have to drop the fuel tank, but be careful.
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    1991 explorer steering wheel melting ( ? )

    It is a leather cover Your Exploder came with a nice leather steering wheel cover. Too bad Ford used a nasty black mastick to adhere it! Heat and age make the black goop ooze out all over the place. Cut the threads holding the cover on (all the way around), peel the stock cover off, clean the...
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    egr 401

    The PCM opens the EGR at most driving conditions other than idle or wide open throttle, this reduces NOx emissions by displacing some of the intake fuel/air mixture with exhaust gas, which cools everything down a bit. At idle the fuel/air ratio needs tight control to prevent stall (ergo, no...
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    Elusive Map Sensor Caught on Film- Code 22

    Oh my gosh, thanks Tbar, Fixxer, and Jah. I pulled a "22" code on my '91 X and I've been looking for this thing for a week. I thought for sure it would have a vacuum line to it, but it doesn't show on vacuum diagrams (makes sense if it's a BAP instead of MAP sensor). Chilton's and Haynes don't...
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    What is this??? pic attached...

    Mine had a broken/missing cap and it failed the annual smog check because of that! I duck taped it but the dude said no good. Found a whole new can at the j.y.
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    Rear window issue

    Hi Steve, my ST has the same problem. I tried the re-initial. sequence and just get a little hum so i'm ready to start digging and testing, but what do you mean by the switch and motor use a "ground signal, not power"? I'm not an expert but I thought I knew basic electrical stuff.
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    4 Fords and I won't stop

    Let me know how the Seafoam works out in the '92, I might try it in my '01 beater (soon to be better!).
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    4 Fords and I won't stop

    Hi, new to the post (new to any post!). I own 4 Fords and for some reason will not buy anything else: 91' Explorer, 01' Sport Trac, 01' Excursion, and new 08' Fusion (for the wife). I intend to do all possible maintenance (and mods) myself, and am accumulating tools and knowledge as I go! I WILL...