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    Rear wiper skips

    i just popped mine up and ground them down with a grinder. seemed to work so far, but i dont think its grabbing up top. we'll see when the snow hits though.
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    Rear wiper help

    I wonder if they'll still replace it lol
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    Rear wiper help

    Ok so my rear wiper barely touches my window now. How do I adjust this so it covers the whole window? Already got a new wiper blade and it did nothing.thanks
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    Upgrade Injectors & MAF

    i think his plan is to not spend $689 on a mod.
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    HID's in Offroad lights

    heres a picture to help
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    HID's in Offroad lights

    So I bought a set of Hella FF500's and im trying to fit some HID's in them. the way the h3 bulbs fit in, is that there is like a clamp on a hinge that holds the bulb in there, but the hinge is too small for the whole hid bulb to fit in there, so aside from just throwing them in and wasting an...
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    Gap filler ideas?

    So I'm doing a 3" body lift soon. What did you guys use for gap filler. or did you even use anything? is it necessary? can you just use like garden trim, that black roll stuff or do you need something special?
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    Got cats cut out. No issues

    i have no cats in my car. im in alberta. we dont need emission checks so who cares lol, ive never been bothered by it. and yes i have MIL eliminators. if you have a sct tuner for your explorer (not sure why you would) but if you do, im pretty sure you can turn it off in that too.
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    Took my top off

    now try and get it back on lol. that'd be interesting
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    96 eb fender flares

    lol im right there behind you if you dont buy them but to answer your question, im going to assume bondo, or if you want to do it proper then spot weld it? no clue. jb- weld maybe
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    Seafoam How To Video

    cant you put it through a vacuum line?
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    Misfire in all cylinders?

    Hey, so the short end of the question is what would cause a vehicle to misfire in all 8 cylinders? I ran a datalog using the PID's MISFIRE_CYL_1 through 8 and they all show misfires, yet when i start revving the vroom vroom steady at about 2k, the misfires go away and its all 0. is there...
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    Offroad light suggestions

    arent there brackets that let you mount them to the frame but still look like they do there? i dunno the lights are an h3 55w bulb and they have 55w h3 hid kits. found them locally for $130 so with shipping and CDN conversion it would end up being the same so i think ill do that
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    Offroad light suggestions

    what kind of brackets did you get for it and can you use HID kits on these lights, like the Hella FF500 fog lamps?
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    Offroad light suggestions

    Hey, so I have a pretty stock 2000 Explorer. I'm doing a body lift this summer, maybe along with the shackles and torsion bars,etc, im getting a snowboard rack for next season too, so i was looking at good lights (not too expensive) or light bars that i could use for an offroad function...
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    Anyone with snowboard/ski rack?

    damn nice explorer. the thule ones are a bit more expensive but i guess thats why. the one you have on there looks like a sportrack type
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    Anyone with snowboard/ski rack?

    I'm looking at getting a snowboard rack i saw a decent yakim one for like $150, anyone have anything else or made their own? any suggestions on brands? thanks
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    Won't start, help!

    okay, thanks ill try that. i just went back and forth, not end to end.
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    Won't start, help!

    yes it did. i dont know how it ended up wihtout one, but that fixed it, so thank you its not any harder to turn than before it just shakes alot when i do turn it. ive searched and found cv boots going bad, etc, but my problem that i had wouldnt cause that, so it makes me wonder
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    Won't start, help!

    actually there was no fuse in 19 at all... so i took one from the radio and put it in there and it runs now. but the steering is all ####ed up now. shakes vigorously when i turn....any ideas?
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    Door Switch LED Conversions

    better change your post because the positive side is NOT the side with the two tabs.. just like the stock button its on the other side.
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    Won't start, help!

    wow.. i feel so stupid. thanks streetrod for all your help it starts now..
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    Won't start, help!

    probably not the best idea, but my dad made a jumper wire in replace of the pcm relay and the check engine light and check fuel cap lights came on but no start. what would this mean? my dash lights are working though now. i disconnected the light i had put on so it shouldnt cause anymore problems.
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    Won't start, help!

    so there is power to both sides of 10 and 6. i checked Mini 13 though and there is no power going to that one.
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    Won't start, help!

    Just recently... not sure what i did, but the fuel gauge is giving an accurate reading. i rolled it down to level ground to boost it, so i think that could have been it, but regardless, the fuel gauge is giving an accurate reading (3/4 tank) the CEL does not illuminate when i turn the key to...