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    2020 Aviator

    I had planned on running my 17 sport into the ground but its possible Ford may tick all the boxes im after. RWD biased more power and more gears... I hate payments/
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    How to: New Forscan Update Allows Module Programming

    Am I loosing my mind? I could have swore I had the ability to turn on my fogs at any time even when in the auto position. I remember driving around with fogs and sig lights while on auto. I went to turn them on the other day and they will only turn on when lights are set to park or on. Auto will...
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    Separate wheels/tpms, definitive edition for 2016+ explorers.

    I just picked up a used set of winters that were used on a EX. He cant remember if he had the TMPS in there. I was hoping they are and will work but his was a 14 so I havent got my hopes up.
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    Disappointed with Stealthbox

    Here is a quick terst you can do to narrow down the issues. Take your phone (or mp3 ect) and run you phone directly into the amp that poweres to sub with a 1/8th to rca cord. MAKE SURE THE VOLUME IS DOWN ON THE SOURCE!! lol If the amp is full gain it could cause some damage. Try to get a cord...
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    given up on sport - loss of power

    Oh, any chance you have pulled the battery cable off for a bit? Might be worth a shot just to see if it makes a change
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    given up on sport - loss of power

    Heres my take , a slight boost leak may not cause a loss in power how ever with electronic wastegates used in cars now it will do its best to hit target numbers regardless if there is a leak or not. Wastegate will not be opening as far as it normally would and you may be hearing the turbos over...
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    How to: New Forscan Update Allows Module Programming

    Mine has DRL option in the IPC and my signature lights are on when in auto or any other position
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    Custom Order '17 Platinum came in with bad paint job!

    I have a run in my drivers door. noticed it when washing it. Im taking it in soon.
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    How does a new battery fix various issues?

    Technically, it runs off of both. You can disconnect the battery from a running car and it should continue to operate. This is hard on the alternator of course if lots of things are running. with all of the draw of new cars the battery needs to be good.
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    Sync 3 w/ 500w Sony, terrible audio quality

    I had the same options listed for audio as you did Peter.
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    Sync 3 w/ 500w Sony, terrible audio quality

    I do have the silver finish on the tweeters. I will check that out..Thx
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    Sync 3 w/ 500w Sony, terrible audio quality

    Hmm mine was a corporate demo so I'd guess its early build. Any way to tell in the menus? I have the surround option
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    Headlight Performance Review

    Leds handle flashing (rapid on/off) better then halogens do. its just cost cutting as they arent used as much and most people wouldnt notice. Im very happy with the lowbeams/fogs but do wish the went to a slightly warmer color tone.
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    Sync 3 w/ 500w Sony, terrible audio quality

    Sirius is light years behind. The worst quality of any source, its barley listenable to me. when xm/sirius first came out it was great, but as they added more stations and started to compress the bandwidth it got bad. Coming from 20 years in car and home audio, I think the sound of the Sony...
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    Lock/Unlock from Hands-Free Liftgate

    My lift gate will only work if I have the key with me near the back of the Ex (doors locked). Im wondering if the doors will unlock if she uses the touch pad inside the door handle if the prox key is near the back?
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    Ford Explorer: Are Your Rear Brakes Dragging... Most Likely Yes!

    For those that have had the rear calipers stick, there is a lot of heat generated and unfortunately the rear wheel bearings take the brunt. They are covered under the powertrain warranty but Ford will not fix them unless they can hear the noise. My exact words to them after the fixed the rear...
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    Sport EcoBoost 3.5L Tuning

    Yea agreed, plus the crapload of force on the PTU/diff ect. I was just wondering if the tuners out there are taking credit for these huge gains when a good bit of it is just opening up the nannies. But hey, 100hp is a 100hp right?
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    looking for honest opinions on 5th Gen Ex

    I know I know, Im working on my issues. Ive never paid a mechainc . I have always done my own repairs, rebuilds ext so I do have trust issues. Replacing heads poses many possible screw ups. Im chatting with a guy that had his fox body ground up restored/supercharged and I think one of the dealer...
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    looking for honest opinions on 5th Gen Ex

    The Pilot is just a bit to "Vanilla" for us. The tech in the Ex is a huge selling point for me. I love the new sync as well. I do think they have the best set up dash/display out there (maybe audi might be a tad cooler). Functionally, I cant see anywhere for major improvements. The dual pads...
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    Sport EcoBoost 3.5L Tuning

    Finally got a chance to go for a good rip in the ex. I cant help but wonder if the bulk of the power gains from a tune are from dumbing down the Torque management side of things. Looking at dyno charts these are not high rpm screamers, in fact they drop off pretty quick. It was very clear that...
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    looking for honest opinions on 5th Gen Ex

    We just picked up our second fifth GEN explore. The first was a 13 XLT and in general was a pretty good vehicle we did have problems with the Aircon as well as the paint peeling issues. Having owned it for four years I said that I would not buy another one just due to the quality control that I...
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    Need help with Error Codes RCM & IPC

    I would confirm that you in fact have airbags in the vehicle, one of the codes said the airbag light is showing an error. Doubt its as easy as pulling a bulb but it looks to be a serious enough crash that multiple airbags were deployed.
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    What does everyone want to see in the redesign of the Explorer?

    It is the best selling large SUV last year and probably still is this year ( I havent looked). The bronco will take care of the rugged 4x4 that people are after.
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    Water Leak

    Found the 3rd row drivers side storage area right below the window full of water. I hosed it down but didn't see any more water. I will have to keep an eye on it.