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    level the ex

    Yeah i know which one and i loved them just needed the lifetime warranty of the J**p
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    level the ex

    Yeah i didnt know if it could be mentioned anymore i just got back in to the picture again and seen the thread so my bad.
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    level the ex

    Well the one i got mine from apparently is not as good as what i thought but if you search for lift spacers you will find it. The only ones that i know that are mass produced are the Truxx ones but there for the 4th gens and I dont know if any one has tried to use them on the 3rd gens or not. I...
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    Tahuya Feb 20th

    Well WOW is having it annual clean up on the 20th and 21st of this month. I am going to be heading up there with a few friends, one has a yota truck and the other has a bronco 2 frame with a ranger body on it. If any one is interested we will be meeting at the Safeway in Belfair. I will post a...
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    level the ex

    If i remember correctly they do not make just a leveling kit for them. The only way to level them is to buy a lift for them and get the rear spacers smaller in height then the front ones. I hope this helps you out.
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    4x4 only front left/rear right tires spin

    if you have limited slip then what you can do is apply a slight amount of pressure to the brakes until both of them spin. What this does is tricks the truck in to thinking that the tire that is spinning is starting to get traction so the other ones will spin too.
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    Quick Tire Question

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    Having trouble finding shop to install mods

    The place is called The Off Road Supremacy. They have a website it is, They are really good guys. They wanted to do a double SAS on mine but I got orders and got rid of the Ex. Hope this helps you out.
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    Having trouble finding shop to install mods

    Where are u at in E. TN. If you are willing to travel a little ways I know of a good place in Clarksville that will install the lift tires and more if you want them to. Just let me know and I will give you the name for the place.
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    new guy with questions

    Whos aim screen name cause i do not have aim.
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    new guy with questions

    2.)how do i take my factory running boards off For this just crawl underneath and unbolt. 1.) is there any possible way to get my 3rd row seat out? Here is someone that has already done this.
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    You can put 265/70/17's on and if you do then at about 65 miles an hour your speedo will be off by 4 miles an hour.
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    Should I level my x?

    There was a couple of inches but the way independent suspension works you wont have to worry about the rubbing even with the travel.
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    Should I level my x?

    Here is mine with 265's.
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    Roadbully Lift-Wash. DC area installer

    I think that the only ones that make a skid plate for the radiator is ones that are custom made. Most of the skid plates for the gas tank are plastic and I have not touched my oil pan and I used to wheel it pretty hard.
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    General grabber AT2's
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    Should I level my x?

    They are 2 in the front and 1.5 in the back.
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    Pro-comp extremes are awesome a little pricey for me but they are a great tire and you will not be disappointed.
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    Should I level my x?

    here is what it looks like with a lift and 245 70 17's
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    Roadbully Lift-Wash. DC area installer

    They do make skid plates for the ex they are just hard to find. In my opinion you do not need one for the front, i did alot of hard wheeling with mine and no problems at all. Also if you are doing lite trail riding i would not even worry about skid plates. I have used the factory side steps like...
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    Yet another P1131 problem

    If i remember right every thing is referred to as if you were sitting in the vehicle.
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    Is changing the trans fluid really important?

    100k is the scheduled maint. on the 3rd gen ex's. I have 89000 on an 04 never had the trans fluid changed, tow all the time and have not had a problem with it yet. The worst part about these is that is you can not check the tranny fluid since it is a sealed system.
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    Looking to buy an Explorer TODAY! Help!

    Just a few things that i would check that is the rear springs, make sure that they are not broken in anyway. Next is one thing that i have noticed is that they say that is has a tow package but it may not, it has to have the 2" receiver with the trans cooler and 3.73 gears to have the tow...
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    03 4.0 60mph Ac on and windows up? Ac off windows down?

    There is only going to be about a 2-3 mile per gallon difference, but the weird thing is that you get worse gas mileage with the windows down. The reason that this happens is because of the drag of the air coming in the vehicle.
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    Roadbully Spacer Lift Install Tips.

    Ok so to install the front, First step is to put a jack under the lower control arm and disconnect the sway bar you can take the jack out after this step. Second step is to disconnect the upper control arm, now to do this take the nut off once you have the nut off hit the actual hub...