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  1. J

    ford fires

    Anybody see the video clip by one of the Ford Execs that was posted on the Ford Recall web page? They are absolutely clueless and really just don't get it. I told the Ford parts guy where I just got my switch that I am 98% sure that what Ford said in the clip is correct. It's the 2%...
  2. J

    ford fires

    Hey V8BoatBuilder Your write up the best do-it-yourself info, I've ever seen. Thanks! By the way, did you notice if your switch was showing any sign of wear that could cause the fire?
  3. J

    ford fires

    Thanks for the info. Any tricks or hints to taking out the switch/reinstalling the new one? I'll be going to the dealer tomorrow to pick up the new one. I'll get the same part you referenced in the other post. For $14.23, it's a no-brainer. Certainly better than sleeping with your eyes...
  4. J

    ford fires

    Black/Red Switch OK, I'm a little confused. Black is the good switch and Red is the bad switch, right? Well, mine has black (rectangular in shape) on top of red (cylinder). Is my switch OK or do I need to replace?
  5. J

    Digital Display is not working

    I can't see the clock the Radio Station/CD/Tape Selection Digital Display Everything works, however (i.e., I hear music/radio). Everything on the instrument panel is illuminated when the headlights are on (including the buttons on the audio system). Only the digital display is dark. I...