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    Second Opinion Needed: $600 to change roof drain tubes!

    *sigh* It's well out of warranty. I had no idea the drains were bad since I just noticed it leaking today.
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    2006 4x4 High Concern

    Thank you all for your great advice!
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    Second Opinion Needed: $600 to change roof drain tubes!

    Looking for a second opinion here- I noticed I had water leaking through the overhead console dome light switch this morning on my way to work. I read some threads here and came to the conclusion my roof drains were clogged, the service guy at the dealership thought the same. It turns out...
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    2006 4x4 High Concern

    I purchased my 2006 EB Explorer this past April, and last week was my first chance to try out the 4x4 High setting. It was a champ driving on uncleared (ice and snow) side streets and somewhat cleared highways on my way to work. However, I became concerned after pulling into my office parking...
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    2006 EB Cross Rail Installation

    I'm getting ready to install cross rails to my roof rack on my 2006 Eddie Bauer. I have had trouble with the dealership's parts department with ordering everything that I need. I have had to place three separate orders to get the necessary parts, I'm wondering if I'm still missing anything...
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    Rust 2006

    I just noticed mine has a random rust spot too. Near my gas door there is about a 2" area of rust under the paint. The paint hasn't started to crack and the rust hasn't surfaced yet, but I can definitely see the texture.