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    4th gen hatch on a 3rd gen? will it fit

    I somewhat recently was rear-ended on the highway and had the bumper cover gnarled up, the rear glass blown out (second glass in this thing. The original glass was a victim of my wife opening the garage door when I had the rear glass up), and a sizeable sent in the lift gate itself. I really...
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    June EF Lottery

    trans replacement This is what you do when you don't have a lift and the frickin' transmission adapter for your floor jack is to tall to allow the trans out from under your rig! ;)
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    3rd gen Explorer Coilovers

    Thanks for the info, Ronin8002. I had seen a post a looooong time ago, when the truxx spacers first were gaining popularity on here, and I remember it saying you needed to take the "strut" apart utilizing a spring compressor. Maybe that was an error or they were referring to something else...
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    3rd gen Explorer Coilovers

    This is not so much a conversion, as a swap of type of coilovers. The stock setup ARE coilovers, NOT struts. A strut is an integral part of the structure of the front end; I.E. they ARE the upper control arm. Struts also include the pivot point for the function of steering, and you MUST get...
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    Why does my A/C decline while I accelerate?

    Well, Joe is on the right track, just one more piece of info we need from you to tell if Joe is right, or if it is a different problem: when your A\C "goes out" is the blower still going and through the vents you have selected, just not blowing cold? Or is the blower either seeming to stop...
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    Fix for Throttle Lag

    There is another option other than my preferred method of simply flashing the PCM to delete the delay... There is a piggyback plug-and-play tuner that plugs into the connector at the top of the pedal assembly that intercepts the signal from the accelerator pedal position sensor, modifies it...
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    Fix for Throttle Lag

    Oh duh! LoL. And that's why we have this great forum! Thanks. I was in a mode thinking about my own Explorer when thinking about possible diagnoses. Might want to check for proper operation of all components in the drive-by-wire system, it COULD be the potentiometer in the accelerator pedal...
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    Fix for Throttle Lag

    That sounds like normal operation when free revving the engine (not in gear). The "dead spot" and the accompanying drop in RPM as you feed more pedal are due to the IAC (Idle Air Control) transitioning from controlling the amount of air being let into the engine, to allowing the throttle plate...
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    Fix for Throttle Lag

    Just wanted to add what info I could, and clarify a bit of what seems like missunderstanding... I believe when BrooklynBay was asking if you'd had your PCM flashed, he was not referring to having the most updated and bug-corrected factory tune. He was most likely referring to having the...
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    March EF Lottery

    winter in southern NM See the leaves on the trees???... EXACTLY! That's how we tell it's winter in southern NM! LoL. Plus, I have my propane tanks with me there to get 'em filled. Another good sign it's cold around here.
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    trailers lets see them!!!!

    I completely agree with what you are saying about if you drive safely, the trailer isn't an issue. I know it's not completely the same situation (I don't respond to emergencies), but I have had my trailer with me a lot of places other people are, "really?? You don't need to go home and drop...
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    trailers lets see them!!!!

    oh yeah... my trailer. lol Here is my little red wagon. Used it to move more times than I remember, hauled a little over a ton of gravel in a tarp envelope, and haul my ATV and anything else I need to move that fits and doesn't weigh more than 2,500 lbs
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    trailers lets see them!!!!

    I'd be willing to bet if he's putting emergency lights on it, more likely than not, he's always pulling the trailer. Reduces gas milage, sure, but how awesome to always have your tools when you need 'em, and I wonder if is fuel is at least partially subsidized by gov't. Even with that trailer...
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    added DRL/style lighting to my 3rd geb headlights

    Kjhadfield, here are some pics and a link to someone who has done something that sounds like what you are wanting to do. Hope this helps :)...
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    Help Diagnosing 4x4 Problem

    Guy48065, the answer to your question depends on your specific Explorer. These vehicles could have been equipped with either Auto 4-Wheel Drive (A4WD), or All-Wheel Drive (AWD). I don't know a whole lot about the all-wheel drive setup, but imagine that one could be applying a percentage of...
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    added DRL/style lighting to my 3rd geb headlights

    LoL. That is actually the exact reason I have done everything I have to my headlamps. I agree, they are a bit "dorky" and figured every little bit helps. Anything's better than that face-full of chrome! I had also thought about adding "eyelids" to change the shape of 'em, but couldn't decide...
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    Help Diagnosing 4x4 Problem

    The electtonic shift actuator is in fact replaceable without dropping the transfer case. You will need an electrical connector pin removal tool to get the individual wires out of the large connector they are part of. Unless the actuator has been replaced before, and whoever did it put the...
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    added DRL/style lighting to my 3rd geb headlights

    Here are two pics of what my X looks like now with some LED light strips I purchased at AutoZone and installed inside headlamp housing. Finally found green LEDs to match my color theme.
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    Towing Capacity with a Lift?

    Modifying a suspension impacts towing capacity. Most times, towing capacity, especially a lighter duty vehicle like our X's is limited by the chassis ability to handle the extra load and keep it under control, not the engine/trans. A spacer lift that goes inside the strut assembly...
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    Replace seat backs with backs with head rests

    Awesome write-up, and thanks! I'be been wanting headrests in my 02 XLT for years and didn't realize how easily the seatbacks can be removed, and that salvage yards will sell just the backs. Looks like I've got some shopping to do!
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    Feb's EF Lottery

    I found this emblem at work one day. What a coinky-dink! I happen to be a NASCAR enthusiast and Dale and Dale Jr. Fan! I plan on painting it to match my green, black, silver and white theme of my X and affix to corner of lift gate. The Intimidator lives on in our memories!
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    February 2015 TOTM - Your Favorite Rig

    Jill of all trades? Johnbyler's X on 35's is dang hard to beat, what with the confederate flag plate and the white fenders. His X almost looks like a vehicular version of Larry the Cable Guy more so than Tow Mater from Cars! LoL. Awesome! I could see my X with 35's some day, but, I may just...
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    My 2002

    I'm Jose and I'm kickin' around down here in Las Cruces, NM. I drive a 3rd gen 2002 Explorer XLT which I modify to my tastes as time and money allow. I have 4WD and the 4.6 L V8. Love to take my X out for some mild to moderate off-roading, or to just cruise. My e-mail address is...
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    The Southwest Chit Chat thread..

    Sounds like a plan! October, not blazing hot anymore, yet not too cold yet. Maybe this summer I can bring my pontoon boat out to Phx and hit Lake Pleasant. Elephant Butte here in NM is getting pathetically low on water level...
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    Ronin8002's 4th Gen custom coilover conversion

    woohoo! 35's on a 3rd gen! Nice! If I decide to mess with my suspension, LCA drop will definitely be the way I go. Also, rather than SAS the rear, I'd do another LCA drop and rearrange the frame to either drop below where the CV axleshafts would go, or stiffen the remaining portion above...