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    What Stock rims do you guys like the best?

    Other then the new Explorer rims (5 spokes) then I would have to say the kind on my Sport the 5 spoke 16"... I think 5 spoke rims look great on explorers.
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    04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

    man its been awhile.... I will be there, for the Sound testing... other then that, I wouldnt mind stopping by and parking with you guys for the day.
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    What's your favorite drinking game?

    Quarters, Beer Pong, and Arsehole the only ones i have really played so far
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    Anyone with the JL 12w7's?

    I have the 12w7 also and only have a 500/1 jl running to it and it still rips apart any of my friends systems (some have 3 12's). My one buddy with a Chevy tried to show me off one night so i turned it up half way at 30 and he turned his all the way up.... i laughed and jacked mine to 52, winked...
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    Blackjack's audio and neons

    Nice looking Spas, if only I could have seen the final product at King of Prussia. By the way, how do those subs sound?
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    Pics of EE's O1+ Sport Air Dam...

    Fender Bender? What happened Matt?
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    Pics of EE's O1+ Sport Air Dam...

    John V. I am very interested in this, just wondering what color it comes in and how much. Also BLACK MAGIC i know you have prob been asked a million times how much painting your lowering trim costed.... but im just gonna ask to see how much that great mod would cost. You can PM me if you dont...
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    What is the best subwoofer?

    10w7, 12w7 and 13w7 best I have ever heard.
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    best series i have watched in years
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    2001 Explorer Sport (List Problems)

    My console and rear left panel rattle like nothing else..... Only problem I have had other then a leaking axle.
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    Help me pump, gangsta style!

    I can not believe no one has mentioned Tupac and BIG... Check out the new Philly project Freeway, he has a smother type of rap when you compare it to those two I just mentioned. Check Ghost Face Killer, Meth, Redman, Master P has some major bass in his songs. Lil Jon is annoying but it bumps...
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    Finally got pictures of my 01 Sport.

    ERIK check out Black Magic's page, he shows you how to take off the rack, i took mine off and think it looks 100x's better!
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    if ur boRed..

    who all love to run over old ladies............
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    Explorer owners in PA

    The Rookie, whats up man im game for checking out the explorer. I go to Malvern Prep like right next to west chester.
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    Oh yeah! Elizabeth Smart Found Alive!

    Am I the only one who still feels like this whole thing is alittle fishy? It completly boggles my mind that she could have been 15 mins from home and did not get away for 9 months...... Her father seams to be alittle too much of a good actor (also alittle flameish but that doesnt have to do with...
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    what's the fastest you've done

    97 in my EX sport 110 in my mom's Lexus 300RX 122 in my dad's BMW 740i
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    Terry Tate: Office Linebacker..FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD..

    he is 6'6" 320..... i wouldnt wanna see a man that big let alone get tackled by one.
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    I miss the old Explorer forum

    Yeah I would just like to say I am sorry for how I acted in the past on this site. I guess i made a mistake early on, on this site and people just jumped on me and I acted out. Well I am back and I be at my best behavior, you can count on it. Good to see you back as well leejen, you came back...
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    Terry Tate: Office Linebacker..FUNNIEST THING IN THE WORLD..

    If you liked that commercial your gonna love these... , there are 3-5 min commercials there. Keep the site in your favorite places they have a new one just about every 10 days.
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    I was wondering if you have any more stats that mean crap, that you can show me? Its too bad number 4 has already beat number 1 this season haha, but good defense(haha) though.
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    I will say it again. No team and I mean NO team will go anywhere if they can not score a touchdown or put together an offense worth crap in the playoffs, it doesnt matter how good their defense is and it was shown during this season that Tampa defense is not that good. Let Tampa come into Philly...
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    :) funny stuff man.... no worries, we love our quarterbacks.
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    15-0 thats horrible! How many FGs did they kick? 4 OR 5? A Team will not go anywhere in the playoffs if they can not score touchdowns.
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    What'd Santa bring everyone???

    From rents: New Motorola T720 cell phone (color one) Blue Timberland Boots VCR so I can watch game tape in my room Pair of Gloves Gold chain with football number 66 on it Billy Madison DVD From Girlfriend: 2 club box tickets to the Rangers vs Flyers game Feb 8th
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    15 things we don't know about you...

    1. I have a girlfriend named Kristen 2. My first car i wanted was a Jeep Liberty 3. I'm 17 and an arsehole 4. I am one of 2 kids and the youngest. 5. I don't smoke anything and Drink at Parties 6. I Legpress 1400 pounds 7. I hate people who are all hung up on their culture 8. I love rap...