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  1. m435tro

    Just got a Sport Trac last night (Mar 26, 2010)!!

    Hello guys (and girls), Here is my story: My name is Sonny. I was an active member till late 2005. I owned a 1998 Explorer XLT back then. Black & Beauty. Moved to California from New Jersey in late 2004. Sold my Explorer in late 2005. After almost five years, a marriage and a cute 15...
  2. m435tro

    Do you live along Interstate/Highway 80?

    My plan to move out from New Jersey is come down to the date. I will be moving to Sacramento. I will start my road trip on November 01, 2004 and am pretty much taking Route 80 all the way from east to west. So if you guys live along Interstate/Highway 80 please let me know. Just in case I'm in...
  3. m435tro

    Six Flags Great Adventure!!!!!!

    Hey guys.. I was trying to read this thread from the begining and I was on page three when I realized that I'm still at work and my boss might boss might caught me. So I figured let me jump to the last page. Anyway.. wanna know when this will be happening? And can I bring my girlfriend? Or...
  4. m435tro

    04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

    Guys.. I think I'm going.. Any room for me?
  5. m435tro

    Anyone from San Diego?

    Just a thought... I'll spare my time if you guys from the area want me to take pictures of your X. X + Babes + Beach = HOT PICTURE
  6. m435tro

    Calling all NJ Explorer Owners!

    An X from Little India, NJ here. Middlesex Co. that is. ;)
  7. m435tro

    Anyone from San Diego?

    Hi Guys, I'm attending a photo workshop on Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2004 down in San Diego. Possibly having one photo shoot on Monday (3/1). Would like to have someone who can show me around the city. Most likely I will rent a car for that weekend. I will be staying at California Suites down at...
  8. m435tro

    Heavy steering is happening right now(Help..!!!)

    My mom drove my X this morning (07.00 AM ET) to drop my brother and go to her job. Right before they got to my brother workplace, the heat temp. is up, battery sign blinking, a bit smoke coming out the hood and heavy steering. They stopped. Opened the hood and the cap for the coolent tank was...
  9. m435tro

    Pictures from Lingerie Bowl 2004 (Not work/kids safe!)

    Here are some pics of Pink team:
  10. m435tro

    Pictures from Lingerie Bowl 2004 (Not work/kids safe!)

    Here are some pics of White team:
  11. m435tro

    Pictures from Lingerie Bowl 2004 (Not work/kids safe!)

    Here are some pics of the referees:
  12. m435tro

    Janet Jacksons Boob

    Can someone PM-me link to the klip from last night Super Bowl..? Thanks guys..!! :cool:
  13. m435tro

    Hooters Meet Jan 18th 12:00 Noon!

    Matt..., where all the H:bounce: :bounce:TERS girls? :D
  14. m435tro

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    I guess I'm just gonna have my models wait for me in the truck. Oh.. IHOP is actually their favorite place. :bounce:
  15. m435tro

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    Sure... April is good. Should I bring a six pack too? :D
  16. m435tro

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    Hi X, Nah.. that isn't real plate. And talking about license plate, I got pulled over two nights ago and the cop gave me ticket for some stupid reason. My first time ever ticket :fire: . Well.. I'm gonna start new thread about it. I did the torsion bar only. Haven't done anything with my rear...
  17. m435tro

    04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

    Did I read H:bounce: :bounce:TERS ?
  18. m435tro

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    Anyone gonna be down in AC this MLK weekend? I have two photo shoots scheduled. Will be fun if we could hang out at White House for some CheeseSteaks time. :D Here is my X:
  19. m435tro

    Sport Cruise Ocean County, NJ

    Ooops... I thought January 18-19 Kelli, cause I'll be there too having photo shoot. But then your is next month. Anyone gonna be at AC this weekend? I heard there a good place for Philly Cheese Steak.. hmmm..
  20. m435tro

    Protest U-haul sign up form!!

    Just signed up. 669 now..!!! :D I'm gonna tell all my friend at work to signing up too. :cool:
  21. m435tro

    Me and my models (TOTALLY not safe for kids or work)

    Just wanna share 'behind the scene' of me and my models. Thought you guys might enjoy it. :D Me and Beata: Me and Beata (part 2): Me and Anastasis (I look beat up on this one): NO Me and Anna & Kitty: Me and Dina: NO Me and Dorothy (my X on the background): NO Me and...
  22. m435tro

    Merry Christmas everyone..!

    Season Greetings from New Jersey.., To all my fellow member.. I would like to say Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Wish you the best and God bless you all. Be safe, always..! :chug: .., Sonny F. Walukow