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  1. Gregg XLS

    Converting to mono-leaf

    So I already have 3" blocks in the rear of my trac, but i still wanna get rid of the wheel gap. I used to be lifted, and read of people using the 4dr leafs for lift, but they only got lift because of the monoleafs sagging. I've been doing research and found that the rear leafs on the sports...
  2. Gregg XLS

    Need help with Nitro Slammers

    guess i WONT be getting these since i dont know how long to get them
  3. Gregg XLS


    i bought one from a stealership... its hidden very well...
  4. Gregg XLS

    Need help with Nitro Slammers

    13 views and no replies... :(
  5. Gregg XLS

    Need help with Nitro Slammers

    Just lowered my truck a few days ago. I brought my truck to a friend who works at the local Ford dealership to get it aligned, and he mentioned that my front shocks were blown/leaking oil... I've decided to go with the Nitro Slammers, but...before i buy them, they need to know the collapsed...
  6. Gregg XLS

    Post the pics of your wheels here!!! STREET TRUCKS!!!

    I Love the bullitts guys. I'm actually getting some myself soon... We need the 95-04 rims right to fit without spacers, correct?
  7. Gregg XLS

    I Went To The Darkside...

    I actually cut the bumpstops and put the torsion bolts back in and it actually rides really close to stock. Next week I'm getting some nitro slammer shocks since my front ones are leaking
  8. Gregg XLS

    I Went To The Darkside...

    Well...After Lifting my Trac with longer torsion bolts and Copperhead Fab shackels, and running 33's...I was getting 12 mpg... I decided to drop her. I used some old 265/75/16 tires(still kinda big) and removed my torsion bolt all together. A friend of mine actually gave me some 3"...
  9. Gregg XLS

    Finally Elite 04 Sport Trac

    Here are the Pics Comments Welcome
  10. Gregg XLS

    Finally Elite 04 Sport Trac

    Update... After getting an amazing 12.6 mpg with my last tank, I picked up some 265/75/16 Michelin ltx m/s for free from a friend who put some 22s on his chevy... That being said, I had an ex-coworker mount and balance them for free; and yet another friend offered me his brand new in the box...
  11. Gregg XLS

    03 Sport Trac Intake Plenum Leaking????

    i believe it is a gasket...If you take off the little cover on top of the motor that says "4.0 SOHC" you can actually see the thermostat housing...there are only 2 bolts on it and the coolant hose clamp
  12. Gregg XLS

    Finally Elite 04 Sport Trac

    I cranked the torsion bars 2" on both sides with longer bolts from fastenal. And I have 2" lift shackles from copperhead fabrication in the rear.
  13. Gregg XLS

    Help!! Quick question

    ^^^what he said
  14. Gregg XLS

    ST in houston

    Here is my Elite Registry..Just added some more pics Sport Trac
  15. Gregg XLS

    Finally Elite 04 Sport Trac

    Some update pics... I got (for free) some 285/75/16 all terrains ~33x10.5 They gave me another 1" of lift total over stock, although I have had some rubbing issues. Rubbing on the sway bar Had to hack up the Pass rear splash shield it was rubbing so bad This is the...
  16. Gregg XLS

    ST in houston

    already have em. Just need to get some pics up. Maybe tonight I'll get some
  17. Gregg XLS

    Need some help

    The aussie locker (i'm actually ordering one on thursday) will go into full lock under load, ie acell(sp). when turning the locker will "unlock" and will allow one tire to spin faster than the other. This cuts down on tire squeal/wear/hopping around corners. Although it "unlocks", it will still...
  18. Gregg XLS

    ST in houston

    Honestly, they suck. The holes that were drilled were way too small, so I had to go buy a $15 drill bit and new grade 8 nuts and bolts to fit the new 1/2" holes I drilled. Then, the shackles weren't wide enough to fit over the leaf springs, so I had to beat them with a hammer to fit correctly. I...
  19. Gregg XLS

    2001 sport track

    it should be a non interference is a single overhead cam..... so i would think that just replacing the timing chain and tensioner and setting the timing would take care of the ticking... do a little search on the timing chain, you might be surprised
  20. Gregg XLS

    Intermittent parking brake light

    mine was doing the same thing...most likely you are low on brake fluid...and the brake fluid only gets low if you have a leak or your brake pads are low... so check the fluid and go from there
  21. Gregg XLS

    Stupid Mechanic....

    They don't go over the half shields, they replace them. I think there are 3 tabs on both of the small ones, so I would assume the full shield would mount up with those 6 tabs
  22. Gregg XLS

    2 12" Sub behind the Seats, Possible??

    on there is a project someone wrote up on how to remove all the plastic/carpet from behind the rear seats...I removed mine and measured. This box from best buy will fit perfectly Rockford sub enclosure
  23. Gregg XLS

    programing ing key

    that is what shops do when they install a remote start. They usually just glue a key to the dash behind the lock cylinder
  24. Gregg XLS

    Tail lights help
  25. Gregg XLS

    Stupid Mechanic....

    run your hand along the tread of the tire... -it should feel smooth, i.e. all tread same height -if the outsides of the tire are worn more, the tires are under inflated -if the inside(middle) of the tire is worn more, there is too much air -if just the inside(closest to the motor) of the tire...