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  1. Eric Z

    Exhaust replacement

    Just had mine done on 2015 3.7L with 95k miles.... All done for free under warranty for FPIU With mine they did the catalytic converters and O2 sensors. While they were at it I had them replace the spark plugs as they were original.
  2. Eric Z

    2019 Ford Police Interceptor roof mounts

    Maybe consider covering with a "fake" antenna as there are many versions out there.
  3. Eric Z

    One strip of the LED Tail Light is out

    I had similar problem and found that when extra lights had been removed, there were holes left in the light housing. I dried the light out and flushed with contact cleaner, but issues persisted. Ended with getting a new light :(
  4. Eric Z

    2016 PIU Back Doors won't unlock.

    Also check that the lock connection is made. There is electrical connector under the driver's side carpet/door sill area that disables the rear locks. Do a search of this forum and you will find photos and more details.
  5. Eric Z

    How can I tell what option/package my PIU has?

    The "Ready for the Road" option direct from Ford, does have lots of items, so good to find if your's came with that option.
  6. Eric Z

    Technical data of PIU 2015

    Total is shown as 6,300 and if not mistaken the Gross Axle Weight Ratings (GAWR) are listed as 3,200 front and 3,350 rear.
  7. Eric Z

    Interceptor with Limited Trim or something else?

    Like what Matt says on the structural.... There is a large brace in front of the spare tire (hard to miss) and it would be hard to believe a true Interceptor could/would be built without that. Of course it could have been removed, but you would still see all the mounting holes.
  8. Eric Z

    PTU fluid exchange problem/question

    I am not sure my 2015 has the "sensor" you refer to, but.... Given the Vent tube you are filling from, is just that a vent, why not fill it as much as possible?? The only downside I had from this method was that some "burped" out after coming up to temp and I had to clean that up.
  9. Eric Z

    Rear Cargo Compartment

    I don't know, but the plywood looks ok to me. Add some indoor/outdoor carpet and a couple of handles towards the rear with proper support underneath and you are as good as OEM.
  10. Eric Z

    HVAC fan quit

    I know this may seem silly, but maybe check the fuse..... I can think of a couple reasons they might have pulled fuse for the update..
  11. Eric Z

    Key security features preventing start up

    Maybe start looking at fuses as well. Sometimes when taken out of service, wires are just cut, but left un-insulated/isolated.
  12. Eric Z

    Are these factory lights in the rear hatch?

    I believe part of Ford's "Ready for the Road" package.
  13. Eric Z

    No low coolant warning message or light?

    Had a low coolant level on mine, turned out to be leaky heater core and a royal pain to replace :(
  14. Eric Z

    Radio reception question

    So may not apply to yours as up fitters seem to do their own things, but.... I have 2 dummy shark fins, just covering up old holes in roof and only the small coil antenna as only working one. Several antenna type wires disconnected in dash and under console, so check and trace that you...
  15. Eric Z

    Water and Oil don't mix

    You are correct Peter, work was done without radiator replacement, just lots of flushing and some Dawn dish soap. All seems fine and my only follow-up would be.... The A/C stopped working and I suspected it might be related to all the prior work, so took it back to the shop and they found an...
  16. Eric Z

    Good deal?

    Wasn't there some sort of Ford program to cover the hood paint and around rear keyhole??
  17. Eric Z

    What are the center console options for this 2015?

    Reminds me of where I started, so my thoughts.... Good idea to start by looking under that baseplate, 1st to verify mounting, and 2nd to identify unused wiring. Much of that wiring you may no longer need/want, so simplify things and get rid of it. You may even find, that the channel leading...
  18. Eric Z

    Trailer Lights

    Going to bring this one back to life as I have a follow on question. So the place that installed my hitch used the above mentioned "T" connector, but some of the wire corroded and I have had to repair. But my question is: This T junction thing seems like a whole bunch of unnecessary wires...
  19. Eric Z

    Driver side rear door won’t open.

    Not sure this would apply, but.... On my 2015 there are remote lock releases, accessible ONLY when you open the front door.
  20. Eric Z

    front speakers

    I know on mine, when it was taken out of service many wires were left disconnected, including the front speakers. A pain to trace the wires, but maybe you will see them unplugged from back of head unit.
  21. Eric Z

    Wondering about level of prep when you guys bought your PI

    On those wires that are out of sight... Maybe check to see that they are properly capped off and no longer hot.
  22. Eric Z

    Advice on control arms and ball joints

    Check for recall on ball joints as they might go on for FREE from Dealer :)
  23. Eric Z

    Water and Oil don't mix

    So a little more follow-up. Had the vehicle towed to Independent shop near me and they did a through look see. The oil did not show any contamination and has been said in most cases the oil pressure is higher than the coolant, but after shutdown, residual coolant pressure CAN force coolant...
  24. Eric Z

    Water and Oil don't mix

    Thoughtful response and helpful as well. Being prepared and informed is what I was looking for and forums like this are part of that process. I for one have learned much about oil and coolant mixing and am hoping that their are no hidden issues that come back to haunt me later. Thanks again...
  25. Eric Z

    Water and Oil don't mix

    I am generally not in the habit of dealership bashing and favor them for the vast majority of work done, as they know their vehicles best. In this case I was torn, because I see that parts replacement is the safest method, but it sure seemed that I should be able to re-use parts after they were...