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    "Check Transmission" first time I've ever seen it.....

    Thanks everyone, I don't think we are even going to mess with getting the codes read. He is just going to drive it and if he gets stranded on the side of the road, we have emergency towing on it, so we'll haul it back and sell it cheap to somebody that needs parts. The misfires are pretty...
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    "Check Transmission" first time I've ever seen it.....

    Well I guess this day had to come sooner or later with 230k and a transmission that has never had service since it's initial drain and fill at 30k. I'm a firm believer that sludge is my friend with this transmission. This Explorer is really tired and shows a lot of wear. My son wrecked his...
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    Front springs?

    My KYB's are still rock solid and having no issues. I would recommend them if you are having problems with the others.....
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    Amazingly Bad Sound - Wheel Bearings?

    So if you were in a large wide open parking lot, got it to about 30mph, let off the gas, turned right and left without hitting the brakes, would it still make a noise? Is it only when you hit the brakes? It doesn't make the sound if you just let off the gas and coast? If it makes noise on the...
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    4.6L 2V engine longevity

    My 2005 4.6L has 229k on it. It's semi-retired now and only gets a few hundred miles a month on her. We finally got the intermittent misfires fixed after getting the timing chains done a couple of years ago. She passed her first emissions test in 2 years this week!! I'm debating on selling...
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    03 lincoln aviator

    Whats the update? This is like a horror thriller novel I can't put down......
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    Suspension replaced and can still feel small bumps-what else needs replaced?

    The KYB's I put on about 2 years ago were a huge upgrade from stock, as far as keeping my buggy rock stable and tires on the ground, but they aren't considered a "soft" ride by any means. I feel most of the major defects in the road, but I'm one of those that kind of likes that feedback from...
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    Suspension replaced and can still feel small bumps-what else needs replaced?

    It also depends on which coilover struts you had installed. Some brands are softer than others.....
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    03 lincoln aviator

    Glad to hear you got it fired up and running after all of this!
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    Not good water leak

    Could be a poor install of a replacement windshield. I had a Ford Focus that they couldn't get seated and sealed correctly, TWICE..... When it would rain, it would drip on me on the drivers side and it would soak my headliner. Not a ton of water, but a drip every few seconds.
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    03 lincoln aviator

    and that was a nice chunk of cash you spent..... Glad you found the issue and can hopefully get it fixed soon....
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    Disabling auto pedals

    There's probably a specific fuse that can be removed for that. There are multiple fuse diagrams available in the forums that can steer you to the exact one to remove to disable the auto pedals.
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    Disabling auto pedals

    Just turn off "easy exit seats" and make sure the button on the drivers side isn't lit for "set". I can't think of any other setting that would cause the pedals to move.
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    03 lincoln aviator

    After my timing chain job, I had an intermittent misfire issue that I was never able to resolve myself and it led me to retiring my Explorer. However, I found a guy in town that was able to flash my PCM for $100 that helped with the issue, as I haven't had a misfire problem in the last few...
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    03 lincoln aviator

    I don't think you will get it to throw any codes at all until it finishes two drive cycles, since the PCM has been reset. Have you tried to unplug the harnesses from the PCM? Maybe just unplugging them and plugging them back in could help make a connection. You could also double check the...
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    Strongest Repair Epoxy for Automotive Plastics (structural)?

    This guy reviews epoxy resins, but at the 12 minute mark he talks about some newer acrylic epoxies designed for composites and plastics. Might be worth a quick look. Good basic primer on epoxies.
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    Strongest Repair Epoxy for Automotive Plastics (structural)?

    I used to build RC airplanes and always used the various epoxies from that hobby to fix other stuff. I would hit a local hobby shop and ask about their short epoxies (5-15 minutes cure) for that type of repair. You can get longer epoxies, which add strength, but you'll have to let it cure...
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    To Fix or Not to Fix

    V6 requires pulling the engine to replace the rear chain set. Can't remember if there is both front and rear, but it's the rear set that is impossible to change out without removing the engine.
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    Mouse ate wires in engine compartment

    BTW, it looks like they did a damn fine job there too...... Gnawed down nearly exactly the same in height. Better than I could do with my wire cutters....
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    A/C Blows Hot Air - but nothing seems broken?

    Short cycling is also a clue you might not be getting enough airflow over your condenser and radiator. If the A/C cools down a bit while driving at speed or at night, but warms up when driving slow or at idle, it could be a sign of bad airflow through the condenser. The computer will...
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    bought a 2005 exp EB 4.6 4x4

    For my Explorer it either made it worse, or the old one had been going out for so long I didn't realize it wasn't making as much noise and I got used to less noise. So when I replaced it, I really noticed it again. I replaced mine with a Hayden I believe and it definitely works well, but it...
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    bought a 2005 exp EB 4.6 4x4

    The biggest source of that roar is likely the fan clutch. These fan clutches tend to not relax until it's been at higher rpm's for a bit, especially aftermarkets.
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    How many miles will an explorer go for?

    My Explorer is retired, so it only gets maybe 100 miles a month at this point. It has 228k with the original engine and tranny.....
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    FUSE ISSUE NEED HELP.... NO Turn signals,radio,power windows or fuel gauge

    I would think it's possible the flasher unit isn't fully seated, or seated in the wrong spot, causing a loss of circuit which could help explain why you lost everything beyond the flasher unit. Did you try removing and reinstalling it, making sure to seat it fully in the right spot? I would...
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    Sitting Vehicle

    This is the problem I face now that I have retired my Explorer. I try to drive it on the weekend, but if I miss and it sits for 2-3 weeks, I get to jump start it to get it moving again. If I go and drive it for 30-45 minutes non-stop, it's fine for another week or two. The battery tests good...