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  1. greenstripper

    For Sale Moog LCA'S, 5.0 motor mounts, and ceramic brake pads

    All parts were for a 1998 explorer, will fit 05-01 and possibly other rangers and explorers. Brand new moog lower control arms and bushings. I had installed coilover brackets on them and then sold them, so they have a few extra holes drilled in them. Don't affect them whatsoever. Looking for...
  2. greenstripper

    For Sale Coilover conversion brackets

    Sold Custom coilover brackets made for 95-01 rangers and explorers, may fit others. Made by the reputable fabricator on the ranger forums. Brand new only installed for fitment, sprayed with clear coat to prevent surface spotting. Come with all hardware and shock tower gussets. $340 shipped...
  3. greenstripper

    For Sale Anyone in the Austin, TX area

    I have exactly what i posted i had. Thanks for the bump.
  4. greenstripper

    For Sale Anyone in the Austin, TX area

    Need the space, having an explorer part blowout!
  5. greenstripper

    For Sale Moog upper control arm pair

    It's a nice setup, my interests just changed and onto the next one. Hopefully my deals can help someone else out
  6. greenstripper

    For Sale Moog upper control arm pair

    Not sure part numbers are there
  7. greenstripper

    For Sale Coilover conversion setup

    $500 shipped US Like new condition. Brand new parts installed on a non running truck in my garage for fitment and removed. Fit and looked great, but moving on to another project. Custom coilover brackets for 1995-2001 explorers and rangers to run coilovers, made by a reputable fabricator...
  8. greenstripper

    For Sale Coilover brackets, uca's, lca's, coilovers, lots more

    Coilover brackets, lca's, lots more All these parts are for 95-01 explorers and rangers, but may fit others I dont know. Used parts are from a 1998 4 door. The new items below are from a project i am putting on hold, and are being shipped for less than what I paid and what you would. Thanks...
  9. greenstripper

    351w swap questions

    Thank you both, and i had no clue the coolers were different; makes sense now. I'm gonna go ahead and space the motor above the plates and hopefully gain enough clearance to fit the dual sump. The cooler was able to be flipped over and new lines will have to be fabbed. Thanks again guys
  10. greenstripper

    351w swap questions

    The plates you sold me! When fitting the motor without the pan, the oil pump was perfectly touching the steering.. I figured putting an inch of spacing between the plates and the block would give me the room to use the dual sump, since the bottom of the sump IS so close to the pump. Long story...
  11. greenstripper

    351w swap questions

    Yeah been through all those already, but thanks! For those that have lifted their motor, would I be able to do a 1" solid bar spacer between the engine plates and the engine? I think that would give me enough clearance to run the dual sump pan; not sure where to put the spacers or if an inch is...
  12. greenstripper

    For Sale 1998 Explorer windows

    Still available, you know the day you brake one you'll be mad you didn't pick these up!
  13. greenstripper

    351w swap questions

    Couldn't find the answers to what i need in searching.. In my picture, you can see I still have a couple inches to go to seat the motor plate on the mount, and the oil pump is already hitting the steering cooler/rad thing. I started with a 4.0 so not sure how the 5.0's are, but what am I missing...
  14. greenstripper

    Torsion/Coilover Conversion

    That's exactly what I was thinking man! Thanks again guys
  15. greenstripper

    Torsion/Coilover Conversion

    Perfect. Thanks guys, I'll update as i go.