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  1. davidk

    Coupon Codes for Forum Members

    Thanks Don, it’s a weight off my mind that plugging in the NOS module I found will not “brick” my X! And I’ll save your info for future Gen 1 small parts needs.
  2. davidk

    Coupon Codes for Forum Members

    Hi Benny, Can I ask a parts question? Is changing the anti-theft module in a 1993 Explorer Limited with factory alarm a plug and play operation? The module part number is: F3VF-19A366-BA. You can also PM me if you'd like. Thanks! David
  3. davidk

    Bizarre Limited factory alarm module behavior

    Thanks for responding. In the photo of the connector ports, the left connector controls the keyless entry and panic via keyfob. The right connector enables intrusion alarm and starter disable. As I learned by searching a LOT of posts when this originally happened, you can drive the X with the...
  4. davidk

    Bizarre Limited factory alarm module behavior

    1993 Ford Explorer Limited with factory alarm - My alarm module drowned when I was washing my car (common problem with Ford Explorer Limited and others - covered by a TSB). Headlights and flashers and horn all going, wouldn't stop by pressing unlock on key fob or inserting my original FORD key...
  5. davidk

    Sway Bars

    When I bought my 93 XLT 5-speed in 1997, one of the first things I did was install Bilstein shocks and mega front/rear sway bars with poly bushings from IPD (I had a sporty Volvo sedan and was a believer in big sway bars). While it handled great on pavement, I didn't realize the negative effect...
  6. davidk


    Anyone have a Shiftster they'd like to sell?
  7. davidk

    Sold SOLD!!!! 1994 4 Door, 4x4 Explorer XLT Very Good Shape

    That's a nice truck, and for the price, can make someone a happy driver for years!
  8. davidk

    November EF Lottery

    Congrats, @Craigerz And your "ambulances" are a lot more cool than the Navy ambulances I drove as a corpsman back in the 70's. :D
  9. davidk

    Sept EF Lottery

    Congrats, DonnieFB! You enjoy your extra year as an Elite Explorer. Sending donuts to everyone who posted a photo or story is optional. :laugh:
  10. davidk

    Sept EF Lottery

    I was a first responder as a Navy Hospital Corpsman (drove ambulances, as well as worked in the Naval Hospital ER). That was many years ago, but it is something that never leaves you, as I discovered in June of 2010. I volunteered at a Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race aid station at the...
  11. davidk

    June EF Lottery

    My friend Bram lives in the Netherlands and comes to the US occasionally on vacation. If it is winter, I always take him out to the mountains for some driving in the snow. We were in the middle of nowhere, on a remote forest service road, when we came upon this pickup stuck in a ditch. It was...
  12. davidk

    June EF Lottery

    Ever heard of the Donner Party in the 1800’s? They weren’t prepared for a snowy winter, got stuck in a mountain pass, and ended up eating each other to stay alive. Fast forward a little over a hundred years, July, and I (and my 60's Volvo sedan) decided to drive Interstate 80 from Sacramento...
  13. davidk

    April EF Lottery

    @Turdle I really liked those old Cougars. I knew a guy back in early 70's (in the Navy where we all had money to burn...) who had a 67 with V8 and stick. If I could go back in time, I'd buy all those V8 cars that I got to drive those years, including the Shelby Mustang with dual quads - almost a...
  14. davidk

    April EF Lottery

    Congrats @Exploring XLT!! And @CarpeNoctem, those days of cheap and "legal" oil burners are gone for good, at least in this country. :)
  15. davidk

    April EF Lottery

    I washed dishes, bussed tables and mopped floors (at $1.65/hour minimum wage) to earn the $70 to buy my first car - a 1963 Ford Fairlane station wagon. I was 18 and it was my freedom machine. I bought oil by the gallon ‘cos it burned it so fast, you could see the roadway through the rusted out...
  16. davidk

    FROADER's 1991 Eddie

    Looks great! I'm curious, how did you prep for the paint?
  17. davidk

    FROADER's 1991 Eddie

  18. davidk

    FROADER's 1991 Eddie

    The satin black looks great!! What brand paint did you use?
  19. davidk

    Explorer crawler part out in Sacramento CA

    Explorer crawler part out (click to go to craigslist ad) From the craigslist ad: What it has: —front axle -1978 Dana 44 housing with F150 knuckles and thunderbird brakes -4.88 gears -ruffstuff diff cover -uninstalled used arb locker —rear axle -1970 ford 9” 1350 yoke -Detroit 31 spline locker...
  20. davidk

    FROADER's 1991 Eddie

    Hey, congrats, that is a nice one.
  21. davidk

    Qarter Glass - Where I buy ?

    I bought a quarter window (to replace one a vandal broke out) from one of the guys here who parts out Explorers, then took it to my window tint shop to have it tinted to match the rest of my car windows. Just make sure you are specific about which side, since they are different. For shipping, I...
  22. davidk

    A4LD Automatic Transmission woes.

    Thanks, guys. I've copied this and put it in my "for when you have problems with your A4LD" file. I can probably borrow a roach clip from my next door neighbor to pull out the pin. :p
  23. davidk

    Class 7s Desert Race Truck Revival

    Very nice X. I'm looking forward to seeing the eventual "airborne" photos. :D
  24. davidk

    First gen Brush Guard

    I'm in Sacramento, California
  25. davidk

    Explorer 1994 Rhythmic knock at the front of the car

    I was having a loud tick tick tick sound from the front end of my "new" 93 X, would get faster as I would accelerate. After fearing the worst, it turned out that it was missing the anti-rattle springs from the front caliper, the pads were rattling from vibration. New anti-rattle springs, sound gone.