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  1. GopherBaroque

    2nd gen lift question

    I have a 95 Sport and found that 31" tires (Toyo Open Country A/T II 265/70R16) just touched the front fender liner and aft plastic fender trim, even after TT and longer rear shackle. I used a modest 1" body lift for liner clearance and a small tidy trim to the inboard lip of the trim piece...
  2. GopherBaroque

    Will this hood fit

    My understanding is that the outline is the same but the curvature along the fenders is different between Ranger and Explorer. I recall one thread about slicing the flange on the hood and reshaping to get the curve to match the fender.
  3. GopherBaroque

    Rear calipers

    I think he is asking, as would I in same situation, are the differences something that can be adapted to make them fit the earlier axle.
  4. GopherBaroque

    1997 Ford Explorer XLT--Need Part F77Z3B676EA

    They are all discontinued and de-listing just means that all the spares of that particular part are gone. I found the same thing rounding up parts for (at the time) 20+ year old Chev van. I could only get three of four door hinges.
  5. GopherBaroque

    No Spark

    I agree with Mbrooks420, either follow a disciplined diagnostic process to understand what has failed and repair as appropriate, or randomly throw new parts at it, hoping to score the right one. As far as your question, I'd like to see you check spark to conclude that line of investigation. I've...
  6. GopherBaroque

    Dying fan clutch/water pump? Squeaking Noise!

    I've used straight edge on the pulley face, wire rod (kind of like the string method), careful eyeball, but like the Dayco laser-aligner best. Recent exercise was using the Dayco tool to figure out aftermarket A/C compressor on my Isuzu NPR was half-a-rib off, very hard to tell from the...
  7. GopherBaroque

    Iac madness!!!

    Dear ambrosiaB, I just swapped out the original (200K miles) IAC with Delphi unit from Rock Auto, at half the cost of local. Delphi part number is CV101032 but the part that came out of the box is ABV0068, made in Japan. Hmm, that corresponds to the original Hitachi part and it seems to be a...
  8. GopherBaroque

    Rear swing out spare tire mount?

    I will be a little bold to comment that 5spdman puts the mount bolts in lateral shear so should good against tear-out. By contrast, on my full-size Chevy van, the mounts were on the back (where the taillight is on the Explorer) and more in tension. The back-up pads were only about an inch...
  9. GopherBaroque

    Rear swing out spare tire mount?

    RLC on my 95 Sport Re: 5spman, your update reminds me of the tire carrier on my Car Crushing Monster Van (73 FS Chevy, 5" lift, 35" tires) that took a couple design iterations to get right. I built the carrier from swing set tubing (3" thinwall) and gate hardware. Original full-width with gas...
  10. GopherBaroque

    Tools for alternator replacement

    I just pulled the 90amp 3G alternator from my 95 Explorer Sport V6 this evening. People who have not yet done it themselves may be interested in the tools I used so they can round everything up ahead. Notes: Serpentine tool may be a bit of a luxury but fit easily through the limited...
  11. GopherBaroque

    Rear swing out spare tire mount?

    Connect with RLC I am pleased with the his front bumper on my 95 Sport
  12. GopherBaroque

    Rear Tire Mount?

    Connect with RLC I am pleased with the his front bumper on my 95 Sport
  13. GopherBaroque

    Steering Shaft Knuckle boot

    One guy just filled the gap with grease: I'm just starting the research for a new boot for my '95 Sport with worn/torn boots on either end. The photo I found of a 2000 intermediate shaft shows a long boot covering the whole pivot...
  14. GopherBaroque

    Replacing Leaf Springs?

    Yep, it is starting that much higher and will compress the same for a given weight (since the spring rates are the same). This is what I am doing on my 95 Sport; springs are on order. "ride better" is subjective. I am not sure I would particularly notice 10% in rate. I am thinking it was...
  15. GopherBaroque

    Help me out

    The aluminum 16x7 wheels on my 95 Explorer Sport are stamped, "offset = 12mm"
  16. GopherBaroque

    Replacing Leaf Springs?

    Several choices for 95+ Explorer rear springs The leaf spring part numbers seem to be an industry standard across suppliers. The spring rates are as follows: spring code.......part........rate........arc L ..............43-1183 .... 1131 lb .... 4.5" ... (monoleaf)...
  17. GopherBaroque

    Leaf Spring Exchange

    rear spring rates The leaf spring part numbers seem to be an industry standard across suppliers. The spring rates are as follows: spring code.......part........rate........arc L ..............43-1183 .... 1131 lb .... 4.5" ... (monoleaf) (hard to find) F, H...
  18. GopherBaroque

    Load Range E tires?

    Don't forget tire weight Load Range E tires in 31" - 32" diameters (the range I'm checking for my 95 Sport) run around 50 lb - that is like ten lb heavier than "passenger type" load C tires. 20 - 25% more unsprung weight is a lot more load on the engine/brakes. I have noticed the extra grunt...
  19. GopherBaroque

    Rear Spring Survey

    Rear Axle Codes: 2 (01-05 Sport Trac Towing Package) C (Ranger FX4 Level II) F (95-00 Explorer 4dr 4-leaf) H (95-00 Explorer Eddie Bauer/Limited AWD Air Ride 4-leaf) L (95-00 Explorer 2dr 3" wide monoleaf) U (90-94 Explorer 4dr 4x4 4-leaf) V (90-94 Explorer 2dr 4x4 3-leaf) W (Explorer...
  20. GopherBaroque

    Which REDLINE ATF?

    Redline for transmission and transfer case Answered in thread,
  21. GopherBaroque

    LT235/85R16 -- maybe I am missing something ??

    check tire weight Yep, I am attracted to tall skinny tires, too, since I want the height but not the drag of going wider at the same time. I got discouraged because all the examples I found were Load Rating "E" and weight about 50 lb - around 20% more than my current tires. I found that...
  22. GopherBaroque

    LT235/85R16 -- maybe I am missing something ??

    pressure 1) Note that for a given vehicle weight and tire pressure, tire contact area / pressure will be the same for narrow or wide tires - the length of the contact patch will change. 2) Saab automobiles have a reputation for good snow performance. Yet the owner's manual for my (85 900...
  23. GopherBaroque

    255/70R16 on 16x8 wheels?

    Tire Rack You might focus on for tire sizes - I quickly found an example (Kumho Road Venture) showing wheel width range for 255/70R16 tire is 6 1/2" to 8 1/2".
  24. GopherBaroque

    Trailer Wiring Harness?

    U-haul plug in left rear fender? I wouldn't might a photo of the special connector you are referring to. I had all of the interior uncovered (changed out carpeting and put in sunroof, as well as roof-mounted amateur radio antenna) and didn't find any special connectors. Wiring runs direct...