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  1. Mr_Fruffles

    2011-2019 Mud Flaps/Splash Guards with black handle covers for sale

    Never used any of them, see photos for condition. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $50 plus shipping for everything. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know!
  2. Mr_Fruffles

    New LED's installed, now a question/issue.

    Yeah how did you fix this....
  3. Mr_Fruffles

    GTR LED ULTRA SERIES....Will it melt what it touches?

    Cannot seem to find the answer to this......will it melt wires or the rubber that the heatsink is touching? I cannot get the entire bulb, wiring, and ballast inside the housing so I instead have the rubber covering directly cutout around the fan on the back of the led bulb and have a wire...
  4. Mr_Fruffles

    Pursuit mode

    I will email him now, totally forgot sorry!
  5. Mr_Fruffles

    Pursuit mode

    Since you were able to get it to activate it leads me to believe it has everything to do with "learning the new driver". I wonder if ford somehow reset the module controlling the system therefore restarting the "learning the new driver" causing it to not activate as much due to not being pushed...
  6. Mr_Fruffles

    Unknown Module and Antenna Connectors

    All depends on who wires it I suppose but from what I have seen, they all had a hole drilled on the roof allowing a 1/2 inch or so cable to connect to the light-bar. A lot of smaller departments pay third party companies to do all the wiring so if you have any way of finding out what department...
  7. Mr_Fruffles

    Why do Departments select the model they do?

    I wish I could say I was surprised to hear a department is choosing a vehicle off of looks....... I can only speak for my department but I guess more power to them for being able to pick a vehicle strictly for looks lol
  8. Mr_Fruffles

    Overall Interceptor Reliability

    I am glad to hear it is working out for you! In regards to the vehicle swapping, I suppose it all depends on what the department does.
  9. Mr_Fruffles

    Why do Departments select the model they do?

    Vehicles are selected for various reasons.....price being a huge one however other aspects matter as well. The department I am at is no longer ordering explorers because the newer ones are now being built with an aluminum frame which limits the ability to use the vehicles the way we want. Other...
  10. Mr_Fruffles

    Overall Interceptor Reliability

    Coming from an Officer that uses these before you get them.....DO NOT BUY ONE. They are abused in ways you would not even imagine. There is a reason why many agencies now lease vehicles and get rid of them after two years of use. The only exception would be if you got a school resource...
  11. Mr_Fruffles

    Pursuit mode

    The way I have been taught as well as experienced using pursuit mode at adapts to how it is driven. It is hard to explain but when we push the cars at work, its done in ways you would never do to your own vehicle and will adapt to that driver over time. Enough time may have passed...
  12. Mr_Fruffles

    Unknown Module and Antenna Connectors

    The wire going up the C pillar was probably not for the lightbars (or at least that is not how my department has theirs wired). It was probably for the equipment kept in the trunk (internet connection, GPS, radio systems, etc). As for the black box.....could be anything including a part of...
  13. Mr_Fruffles

    Tinted Headlights: Thoughts? Advice?

    REMEMBER tinting your headlights is a good way to meet your local police officers on a traffic stop......
  14. Mr_Fruffles

    Auxbeam 50" curved for Explorer 11-16, what bracket?

    Personally I would try and order some cheap ones off of ebay and give them a shot. Depending on where you were looking to mount it exactly, it might even be worth looking into luggage rack mounts that you can retrofit for the bar. Let us know what you end up getting to work! I have been...
  15. Mr_Fruffles

    LED Headlights

    Just throwing this out there and I know it will not sit well with many but numerous studies have been done that are used in court which have come to the conclusion that you actually do not get any improvement in what you see when comparing hid vs led vs halogen....... I put leds in my...
  16. Mr_Fruffles

    "Deleted" SMS on the phone still show up in the car :)

    This is just another reason why I refuse to connect my phone to my car lol I imagine you would have to delete the phone profile? Even then, nothing is ever truly deleted! I know this was not much help but I figured I would give you a reply after no one else seemed to have any information.
  17. Mr_Fruffles

    Installed aftermarket hitch

    If I am being completely honest.....I would do it lol I would be traveling at night to avoid any stop and go situations but I would do it.
  18. Mr_Fruffles

    How to: 2011+ Grille Removal with pictures

    can we get the images reloaded in the instructions?
  19. Mr_Fruffles

    For Sale 2011-2015 Ford 18 X 8 OEM RIMS (mint) + Tires $500 (Denver)

    $500 P245/60 R18 Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tires with 20K miles on them. (Tread = 7-8/32) Manufacturer Part Number: BB531007CA Rim Material: Alloy Rim Width: 8 Rim Diameter: 18 Number of Bolts: 5 Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3, 5x115 Only selling because I wanted black rims with all terrain tires.
  20. Mr_Fruffles

    For Sale 2004 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4WD 130k miles 2nd owner (Denver)

    Posted it in the wrong place, sorry admins.
  21. Mr_Fruffles

    For Sale 2004 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4WD 130k miles 2nd owner (Denver)

    For sale in Denver Colorado. Clean and Clear Title 2nd Owner 130K Miles Comes with a digital repair manual. New all terrain tires put on at 116K miles and are warrantied for 50k miles. Does not come with the snowboard rack/lightbar 2 Keys, remote entry, door code entry, third row seats...
  22. Mr_Fruffles

    Wheel Hub/Bearing Question

    Is it possible to buy a wheel hub and bearing already pressed or is that just not a thing? I cant seem to find one already pressed anywhere. Its for a 2004 explorer xlt btw
  23. Mr_Fruffles

    Led wiring question

    Where or what would be the best way to wire in two single leds located on the dash so that they turn on/off with the stock light dimmer? I snagged a wire tap but figured id ask on here for any better ideas.
  24. Mr_Fruffles

    Remote Start

    I was quoted $350 for an entry level system, pricey for what I want out of it