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  1. JHG120

    Transmission refill not going great

    You know, I recently did mine as well and had same results. I filled back in what I measured of what came out. I started engine and did test, and was bubbly at first. I let the engine warm for about 10 minutes to watch the flow. It never got very steady, so I pumped some more fluid in...
  2. JHG120

    fog light mod

    I just read that link you posted to, he says he has a ranger, but days it should work on most other fords. I just finished a transmission fluid change, so too tired to try this. If you do, please post you results. I've looked for a solution to this further. Thx!!
  3. JHG120

    What is this?? Shroud near shock. PIC included

    Ok, I think I can do this. After I'm done, I assume it's ok to drive the car to get the alignment done?? I figure as much. I will tackle this over the weekend. Wish me luck.
  4. JHG120

    What is this?? Shroud near shock. PIC included

    I just looked through the "how to," and honestly didn't seem too simple. I also noticed some of the images didn't show up. I'd like to save money and try, but the "press tool" sounds iffy.
  5. JHG120

    5R55W Fluid Fill

    Ok. So all other parts of plan look good? Hand tighten pan also ok? Any Mercon V fluid ok? Thanks for quick response!!! Edit: Do I need to lift entire truck level, or just front or back?
  6. JHG120

    5R55W Fluid Fill

    2005 Ford Explorer 4.0L V6 with 67,000 miles. I plan on doing a pan drop and change with filter change. I've read and re-read how to do it, but want to post my plans, and see if anyone will advise if somethings needs to be added. Is any fluid with Mercon V ok? Any brand good to use or avoid...
  7. JHG120

    What is this?? Shroud near shock. PIC included

    Hmmm, thanks again for the input. It's time to look around before the dealership route. If I buy the parts myself, can you suggest which one to buy? I have $200 credit at rock auto so will buy entire arm, but there are alot of choices. Some $80 all the way to $200.
  8. JHG120

    What is this?? Shroud near shock. PIC included

    Thanks for the input guys. I'm not sure I could do this myself, so just called local dealership who quoted $600 for parts and labor. Does that sound about right?
  9. JHG120

    What is this?? Shroud near shock. PIC included

    Hey All, Tried to search, but don't know what it is that I'm searching for. I've noticed that on speed bumps I hear some squeaking. Looked around tire and noticed both front pieces of this are falling apart. Sprayed some WD-40 which took away the squeak for a week, but back again. So, what...
  10. JHG120

    Spot or Flood off-road lights?? need to get some night pics of that led bar. I've been looking at some, and they seem amazing. Also, what kind did you get, and was install easy??
  11. JHG120

    not happy with ddm

    I mounted mine way above the stock housing with super strong 3m double sided tape and then zip tied them as well. Used them for 2 years, and ballasts never moved. Took them out one day because honestly, I knew I was blinding people. They truly are not meant to be in our cars without a retro...
  12. JHG120

    Cruise Control Master Cylinder Switch

    Hey guys, anyone care to chime in? I called the dealer today, in which they advised "extensive" repairs would need to be made, and in fact stated they could not sell me the master cylinder switch as it requires a "professional" to install and test. They wanted to first set me up with a $95...
  13. JHG120

    Cruise Control Master Cylinder Switch

    Hey Thanks, I noticed there are two switches at the brake pedal. Is the correct switch to replace??
  14. JHG120

    Cruise Control Master Cylinder Switch

    Hi. I have 2005 Explorer XLT. Cruise control does not work. Light does not come on dash when I hit the button either. I have included a pic of the master cylinder switch, but it looks to be upside down. So, when I go to change this out, will liquid start pouring out??? I'm also going to...
  15. JHG120

    How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex.

    Also just completed today. Amazing job, thanks Rondo. Did not have to cut. The top screw was the worst, but finally hit the hole. Nice to finally have heat, drove entire week to and from work with no heat in 15F cold.
  16. JHG120

    Potential actuator problem...?

    I'll take a stab, but sounds like the blend door hinge broke, so only forcing air to the defrost vents. I had this happen about 3 months ago. To quickly check, open the glove box, empty out all contents, then pull on the two side posts that keep the glove box from falling down, and pull down...
  17. JHG120

    05 Exporer XLT couple problems and questions

    Also regarding the roof rusting, mine is HORRIBLE. I never realized it until it was past the warranty. I still tried at Ford, but that was obviously a no go. I've checked repair places, and most common price is $1000 for a good job, not a maaco $250 job that will need to be re-done 3 months...
  18. JHG120

    Fog Lights On and Off

    Guys, 2005 Ford Explorer with stock fog lights. When I pull out on fog light switch, they will sometimes turn on, sometimes do nothing. Then when on, they will sometimes turn off on their own. Any ideas where to start? Fuse, some relay somewhere? Thanks all.
  19. JHG120

    Seadoo Challenger 2000 Towing

    GCVW is 8,000 lbs. I'm thinking the boat and trailer should be 3-3,100 lbs, where max is 3,800 lbs. I think I'm good to go, but wanted someone else to confirm to ease my mind. I don't want to cause any damage and be unsafe on the roadway. Thanks.
  20. JHG120

    Seadoo Challenger 2000 Towing

    Hey Guys, I've made myself dizzy trying to read and figure this all out, so am throwing out numbers for the hopes that someone will answer yes or no. My truck: 2005 Explorer XLT V6 4x4 with 3.55 gearing Class II Hitch Seadoo Boat: 2,100 lbs Trailer: ?? Maybe 5-600 lbs I see max...
  21. JHG120

    Squeak..Hum..Noise in Front Left Area

    I am hearing a squeak, hum, some sort of noise from the front left end whenever I go over bumps. I've tested it several times over speed bumps, and it's hard to describe the sound, but it does not sound right. I'm thinking struts or shocks, but not sure. Anyone have any idea? It only happens...
  22. JHG120

    Lightforce 170 as head lights?

    Dick Chenney, LOL. Anyways, I like your choice for the 170's, even though it may be very bright, they seem like such amazing lights. So, please post pics once installed. A lot of us are interested in them. Regarding the HID 170's, I can only imagine how bright those would be.
  23. JHG120

    Lightforce 170 as head lights?

    The Striker 170's have been discussed recently. I want them bad, and a member here still has them but needs to install them. I've seen pics of them in action, and to be honest, they are way too bright for a low beam. If this is just to pass inspection and then for off road purposes only, then...
  24. JHG120

    Hella VS KC

    I'll also probably never buy them, too much, but judging from that video and other pics on the internet, they do seem like the top dog.
  25. JHG120

    HID Bulb color, pic is included

    Update Well, DDM Tuning responded to my pics and said they did send the wrong bulb color. Good so far....however, they request ME to send the bulbs back to them at MY expense and then they will resend me the correct bulbs. Does this sound right when the mistake was THEIR fault?? Sure...