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    Broken Spark Plug Blues

    eight point, hmmm, I may give that a shot, worst thing that could happen is it breaks too, but I suspect the wall is thicker. THANKS
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    Broken Spark Plug Blues

    Back of the extractor is square. You can either use a 10mm twelve point (or a 3/8" extension backwards) wont fit into a six point. I tried modifying an extractor to fit in my 10mm deep impact socket, no joy. I wanted to try to use the reverse extension but have no way to ratchet it without...
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    Broken Spark Plug Blues

    Was changing plugs/wires on my 97 mounty and the collar for plug 3 spun right off :mad: Luckily the rest of the plug just pulled out, but then again I was not that lucky.. I pre-soaked them with blaster for three days and all the rest came out no issues. I cannot get it out to save my...
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    Sooo confused!

    Well there is only 3 components in your EGR circuit. The EGR, the Solenoid that controls it and the Sensor. You replaced the sensor and cleaned the EGR as well as your mechanic performed a static vacuum test. I would change the solenoid out (about $30.00 part) and replace the vac line from...
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    Mercury nightmare.

    You may not have a DPFE sensor (Sonic EGR System). My 97 does not. Check this link out:
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    5.0 egr removal

    Replaced mine last weekend, Yeah what a pain! wish I had a stubby wrench to get that bottom nut. Faulty EGR Valve, replaced the solenoid for good measure and tested the Sensor (which was Good). First time my Service engine light was out in about 2 years, now I keep thinking something is wrong...
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    Passenger's side power window issues

    If you correctly tested the motor with a Hot wire from the battery and it did not work and now is intermittently working you probably have a bad bushing or dirty bushing ring in the motor. Also does the window move smoothly (when it is working) or does it seem as though is it slow? What ever...
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    Why is my tailgate handle so tight? (Can I loosen it?)

    Just pull rear panel off and lubricate it should work fine after that.
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    Can Anyone in MD/DC/Va perform a 97 X 1354 swap this week/weenend?

    I live in northern va if you guys need and extra set of hands, holler.
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    custom truck license plate in VA

    Yes you can get custom private truck plates
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    97 Mountaineer 5.0L AWD -- worth it?

    I bought my 97 mounty with 141,000 miles on it. Bought it for my back up vehicle and long road trips w/ the kids. Interior and exterior was in excellent condition. put less than $100.00 into it (blend door repair, new battery, few inst panel bulbs) lubed the door and hatch (glass wouldnt pop...
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    Undesired Burn Out in the rain

    Well as ur username suggests, this is ur first car and , not going out on a limb here, first experiances driving. As everyone has suggested u need to learn throttle control. Also you may want to have your tires checked, but throttle control in you first concern. Go to a large EMPTY parking...
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    Blower/Heat fix?

    Someeh If I understand correctly the blower is blowing fine but you have no temp control (always cold). Could be your blend door (common problem) or blend door actuator too. Do a search for blend door for some tips on how to determine if its your blend door, actuator or control module.
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    Blower motor continually on even with key off.

    do you have manual temp control or AETC? (Pull your blower motor relay (in aux realy box) or fuse 9 in your power dist box (not interior fuse panel) to kill your motor instead of disconnecting battery) Anyway, your blower motor needs a 12VDC source (provided from your pwr distribution box...
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    VERY! cold

    hmmm, yeah check coolant, battery, plugs, wires and drop to the lower 5W oil viscosity as already mentioned. but w/o moving the vehicle closer so you can use block heater, i cnt think of much else you can do to help ensure she will fire up in that frigid cold.
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    safe to use 4x4 high on the highway?

    Not sure whr u live but I grew up in Northern Ohio and we usually got a good amount of snow there. That being said, I grew up driving 4wd. The biggest problem, as stated above, is with 4wd engaged you will get binding when you turn on high traction surfaces due to the wheels that are locked...
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    Won't stay running

    both A and B above. Most common faults are Vac lines or IAC.
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    1997 Mountaineer front driveshaft questions

    Be advised that your mounty can roll in park if front shaft is removed.
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    Help needed

    I agree, it irritates me sometimes how some (not all) mechs will just replace parts willy nilly vice taking a little extra time to actually troubleshoot the problem, This often happens with scanning OBD codes and swappin parts instead of testing to see what the problem is. With a few simple...
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    Blend door repair?

    Did it 2 weeks ago on my 97 Mounty Part was exact replacement. Works like a champ. Check the sticky thread on the procedure for going in from bottom.
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    PLEASE help, electrical problem

    Did the same thing with my wife, oh wait I'm divorced now. J/k
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    Help needed

    problem could also be the blower motor relay or Blower motor speed controller. If you have a meter/test lamp etc... Disconnect the connector going to your Blower Motor. With key in the "ON" position check the Pink/White wire going to the connector. it should have about 12VDC on it. [The...
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    Help needed

    OK, if you have an Automatic A/C system then there is an associated "computer" (Electronic Automatic Temperature Control EATC) controlling the blower motor speed. If you have a Manual A/C system then there is no computer just a few components controlling your blower motor. I would be...
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    97 Ranger A/C.

    in saying your AC comes on do you mean the compessor is actually always on? or is your system just not blowing heat? Also when changing your air flow control does it work correctly (defrost on windshield, floor on floor, vent on vent etc..)?
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    Help needed

    What is the problem you are having? Is the blower not blowing or other heat related problems?